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Nick Prior
Mr. Prior joined the faculty at Eisenhower Middle School in the fall of 2011 after graduating from the University of New Mexico. Since starting at Eisenhower, the program has grown from about 60 students in two choirs to nearly 200 students in six year-long choirs.

Besides teaching at Eisenhower, Mr. Prior has been vice-president for the Albuquerque district of NMMEA, webmaster, secretary, and board member for NMACDA, and is the middle school choral representative for NMAA. He has been recognized as the 2015 New and Emerging Music Educator for the State of New Mexico by NMMEA. He has held positions with St. John's United Methodist, the NM Kodaly Institute, the UNM Children's Chorus, and the Albuquerque Boy Choir, and was the 2015 District VI Middle School Treble Honor Choir director as well as the Elementary Honor Choir director for Farmington last year. He has sung with Quintessence, Polyphony, the NM Symphonic Chorus, and various other musical organizations for many years. Mr. Prior also composes and arranges music for all of the choirs at Eisenhower.

Director Choreographer Arranger Adjudicator

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