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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

February 24th, 2024

Venue Info

Robert C. Byrd High School
1 Eagle Way
Clarksburg, WV 26301

Phone: (304) 326-7200

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  5 Mixed Groups
  3 Treble Groups
  1 Bass Groups
  2 Middle School Groups


  Robert C. Byrd "Vocal Intensity"


  Olivia Perske

  Myles Finn

  Connie Mulligan

  Peyton Smith (best performer)




Robert C. Byrd Vocalfest 2024

Event Site
Live Stream



 Red Hot
 Hurricane High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 
Best Show Design 
People's Choice 

 Nitro High School
First Runner Up 
Outstanding Soloist 
Best Dressed Director 

 Heat Wave
 Hurricane High School
Second Runner Up 

 Rave Revue
 Ravenswood High School
3rd Runner Up 
Best Crew 
TikTok Award (Ryder) 
Outstanding Soloist 

 Nitro High School
4th Runner Up 
Judge's Choice 

 Grafton High School
5th Runner Up 
Outstanding Soloist 

Mixed Division - Tier I (Prelims)
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Mixed Division - Tier II (Prelims)
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Mixed Division - Tier III (Prelims)
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Single Clef Division (Prelims)
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Middle School Division


 Show Stoppin' Toppers
 Washington Irving Middle School
First Place 

 Jr. Revue
 Ravenswood Middle School
Second Place 

Attending Members displaying 6 of 16 members (view all)  







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RCB_VI on Feb 29, 2024, 2:52 PM
Post #10
Prelim Awards:
TikTok Award: Ryder from Ravenswood
Outstanding Featured Soloists:
3rd - Ravenswood boy in opener
2nd - Grafton 2nd girl in duet
1st - Nitro Showcats Ballad girl
Best Dressed Director: Nitro staff
Best Band: Hurricane Red Hot
Best Crew: Ravenswood
Spirit of Show Choir: South Harrison
Judges' Choice: Nitro Tomcats Theme
Peoples' Choice: Hurricane Red Hot
Middle School Division:
1st- WI Show Stopping' Toppers
Small Mixed Division:
3rd- Doddridge
2nd- Grafton
1st- Ravenswood
Single Clef Division:
3rd- South Harrison
2nd- Nitro Tomcats
1st- Hurricane Heatwave
Middle Mixed:
1st- Nitro Showcats
Large Mixed:
1st- Hurricane Red Hot


Choirshow on Feb 26, 2024, 12:05 AM
Post #9
Out of every comp that I made a prediction for, I was not expecting to get a perfect score on this one. Im pretty sure just clicked random buttons whil making this prediction. But I'll take it, because it probably won't happen again this season.

Jeff. on Feb 24, 2024, 11:29 PM
Post #8
Final results are posted. We didn't hear anything from prelims, so we may be missing additional captions. Feel free to let us know and we'll get them listed above.


tmoozie on Feb 24, 2024, 6:58 PM
Post #7
How did the prelims turn out?


RMGORSUCH on Feb 24, 2024, 12:38 PM
Post #6
There have been some great performances so far can't wait for RHS up next!


RCB_VI on Feb 23, 2024, 10:50 AM
Post #5
The livestream will be available at this link:


mcnemarmj on Feb 14, 2024, 11:26 AM
Post #4
Please replace Toney Keeler with Olivia Perske as scoring judge. Peyton Smith will be Outstanding Performer judge.


RCB_VI on Jan 26, 2024, 9:02 AM
Post #3
Schedule: Doors Open at 8:00 AM
Concert Choir:
Buckhannon-Upshur "Treble Choir" 8:30 AM
North Marion "Sound Station" 8:50 AM
Philip Barbour "Colt Chords" 9:10 AM
Middle School:
Ravenswood "Junior Revue" 9:30 AM
Washington Irving "Showstoppin' Toppers" 10:00 AM
BREAK 10:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Small Mixed:
Doddridge County "Bel Canto Bulldogs" 10:45 AM
Grafton "The Entertainers Ed. LIII" 11:15 AM
Ravenswood "Rave Revue" 11:45 AM
LUNCH 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
Nitro "Tomcats" 1:30 PM
Hurricane "Heat Wave" 2:00 PM
Spring Mills "Ethereal" 2:30 PM
South Harrison "Hawks in Harmony" 3:00 PM
Middle Mixed:
Nitro "Showcats" 3:30 PM
Large Mixed:
Hurricane "Red Hot" 4:00 PM
RCB "Vocal Intensity" 4:45
Prelim Awards 5:10 PM
Finals Begin at 6:30 PM
Final Awards 9:45 PM


mcnemarmj on Jun 21, 2023, 11:10 AM
Post #2
Additional adjudicators: Connie Mulligan, Olivia Perske (Outstanding Performer)
Ticket Price: $20.00 (Square available, Venmo accepted)


pey-smith on Apr 4, 2023, 1:50 AM
Post #1
For many years, RCB’s Vocal Fest has hosted an amazing competition with a perfect facility to accommodate any size group and a friendly staff to help you whenever and wherever you need it. Registration for VocalFest 2024 is now open and you can register your group(s) here ->

We hope to see you there!


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