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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

February 24th, 2024

Venue Info

Platte County High School
1501 Branch St
Platte City, MO 64079

Phone: (816) 858-2822

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  12 Mixed Groups
  4 Treble Groups
  2 Bass Groups


  Platte County "Sound Express"
  Platte County "Sound Elegance"
  Platte County "Sound Explosion"

Judges: Unknown


Ticket prices unknown.


Platte County Showcase Of Excellence 2024

Event Site
Live Stream



 Webb City High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 

 City Lights
 Rock Bridge High School
First Runner Up 
Best Band 
Best Soloist 

 Oak Street Singers
 Oak Park High School
Second Runner Up 

 Center Stage
 Marquette High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Hillside Singers
 Pleasant Hill High School
4th Runner Up 

Mixed Division - Tier I (Prelims)
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Mixed Division - Tier II (Prelims)
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Mixed Division - Tier III


 Lights, Cameron, Action!
 Cameron High School
First Place 

 Maryville High School
Second Place 

Mixed Division - Tier IV

 Ninth Street Singers

 Carrollton High School

Prep Division


 Bella VocĂ©
 Webb City High School
First Place 

 Treble FX
 Oak Park High School
Second Place 

 Hilltop Harmony
 Pleasant Hill High School
Third Place 


 Pleasant Hill High School
No Placement 


 Webb City High School
No Placement 


 Harrisonville High School
No Placement 


 Pleasant Hill High School
No Placement 

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Choir Aunt

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pkaiba on Feb 26, 2024, 1:18 PM
Post #6
Where are the other caption awards from prelims?

ZacharyPettit on Feb 25, 2024, 12:30 PM
Post #5
Uniclef/Prep Division:
1. Webb City Bella
2. Oak Park Treble FX
3. Pleasant Hill Hilltop

ZacharyPettit on Feb 25, 2024, 2:30 AM
Post #4
Platte County Results
GC: Webb City (BV, BC)
1RU: Rock Bridge (BB)
2RU: Oak Park
3RU: Marquette
4RU: Pleasant Hill

stevesing85 on Feb 25, 2024, 12:57 AM
Post #3
In Finals was: (Performance order)
pleasant hill hillside singers
oak park street singers
Rock Bridge City Lights
Marquette center stage
Webb city singers


kategarneslive on Feb 24, 2024, 8:51 AM
Post #2
is there a live stream?

ZacharyPettit on Feb 14, 2024, 1:07 PM
Post #1
8:25 - Pleasant Hill Powerhouse (uni/prep)
8:50 - Webb City DoMENance (uni/prep)
9:15 - Oak Park Treble FX (uni/prep)
9:40 - Pleasant Hill Hilltop Harmony (uni/prep)
10:30 - Harrisonville Forefront (uni/prep)
10:55 - Webb City Bella Voce (uni/prep)
11:20 - Pleasant Hill Hillsound (uni/prep)
11:55 - Carrollton 9th Street Singers (2A)
12:20 - Maryville Spectrum (2A)
1:45 - Harrisonville Music Makers (4A)
2:15 - Pleasant Hill Hillside Singers (4A)
2:45 - Oak Park Oak Street Singers (4A)
3:15 - Burke Synergy (4A)
3:45 - Smith Cotton New Score (4A)
4:15 - Rock Bridge City Lights (5A)
4:45 - Cameron Lights Cameron Action (3A)
5:15 - Marquette Center Stage (5A)
5:45 - Webb City Singers (5A)

8:00 - Finals (5 spots)


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