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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2019 Season > North Polk Comet Sensation 2019

Event Info

February 9th, 2019

Venue Info

North Polk High School
315 NE 141st Ave.
Alleman, IA 50007

Phone: (515) 685-3528

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  17 Mixed Groups
  3 Womens Groups
  4 Middle School Groups


  North Polk "Comet Sensation"


  Tom Gerking

  Matt Hill

  Julie Schneiders

  Mike Walag

  Paula Keeler

Ticket Prices: Unknown


North Polk Comet Sensation 2019

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I


 Jefferson Connection
 Jefferson Senior High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Band 
Best Female Soloist (Elliana Meier) 

 Des Moines Roosevelt High School
Second Place 
Best Choreography 

 4th Avenue Jazz Company
 Iowa City High School
Third Place 
Best Male Soloists (Elias Perez/Ian Allen) 

 Dallas Center-Grimes High School
4th Place 

 Jefferson Edition
 Council Bluffs Jefferson High School
5th Place 

Mixed Division - Tier II


 Skutt Catholic High School
First Place 
Best Fans 

 Singing Ambassadors
 Denison High School
Second Place 

Mixed Division - Tier III


 High Voltage
 Emmetsburg High School
First Place 

 New Group
 Belmond-Klemme Jr/Sr High School
Second Place 

 Vocal Momentum
 Woodward-Granger High School
Third Place 

Mixed Division - Tier IV


 Visual Harmonics
 Woodbine Community School
First Place 

 Rhythmic Force
 BCLUW High School
Second Place 

 Kinetic Fusion
 North Union High School
Third Place 

Prep Division


 Jefferson Senior High School
First Place 

 Iowa City High School
Second Place 

 Skutt Catholic High School
Third Place 

 Dallas Center-Grimes High School
4th Place 

 Atlantic High School
5th Place 

 Black and Gold
 Emmetsburg High School
6th Place 

Middle School Division


 Sudden Impulse
 Southeast Polk Junior High School
First Place 

 Destination Excellence
 Des Moines Christian School
Second Place 
Best Male Soloist (Charlie Olsen) 
Best Female Soloist (Sami Webster) 

 Pella Middle School
Third Place 

 Sound Intensity
 Norwalk Middle School
4th Place 

 High Definition
 Hampton-Dumont Middle School
5th Place 

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Mr. Miller1



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abillclinton on Feb 11, 2019, 6:21 AM
Post #14
6 - Emmetsburg
5 - Atlantic
4 - DCG
3 - Skutt
2 - City High
1 - Bloomington Jeff

3 - North Union
1 - Woodbine


abillclinton on Feb 11, 2019, 6:22 AM
Post #15
City High 4th Ave. - Best Male Soloists - Elias Perez/Ian Allen

bethieboo102 on Feb 10, 2019, 11:58 PM (Edited)
Post #11
Overall placements:
1st: Connection
2nd: Revelation
3rd: 4th Ave
4th: Vivace
5th: JIVE
6th: Momentum

So looks like 4A was
1: Connection
2: Revelation
3: 4th Ave
4: Momentum
5: Jefferson Edition

Jeff. on Feb 11, 2019, 12:12 AM
Post #12
Are you sure about Singing Ambassadors at 4th? Skutt Catholic shared that Vivace won 3A (Tier II).

bethieboo102 on Feb 11, 2019, 12:42 AM
Post #13
You're correct, I was looking at the wrong choir name, but meant Skutt!

ian.bauer on Feb 10, 2019, 10:10 PM
Post #9
Any results as to who won in each division?

Jeff. on Feb 10, 2019, 11:34 PM (Edited)
Post #10
And beyond who won - placements per division as well.

edit: Here's some of what I'm piecing together
Tier II
1st: Skutt
2nd: Denison

Tier III
1st: Emmetsburg
2nd: Belmond-Klemme
3rd: Woodward-Granger
(It seems Des Moines Christian dropped)

Tier IV
1st: Woodbine
(Not sure if others attended?)

1st: Jefferson
3rd: Skutt
6th: Emmetsburg

zach_diedrich on Feb 10, 2019, 1:54 AM
Post #8
Jefferson Jive received first place in their division, and Elliana Meier from Connection received best female solo!

zach_diedrich on Feb 10, 2019, 1:34 AM
Post #7
Just heard from a friend that Jefferson received grand champion with best vocals and band! Congrats to Connection!


Scottdill41 on Feb 9, 2019, 9:27 PM
Post #6
I’m calling a 4th ave clean SWEEP #icgang #4thstorm


MOlsen on Feb 9, 2019, 6:28 PM
Post #5
MS Results:
1. Southeast Polk
2. Des Moines Christian (Best soloists: Charlie Olsen and Sami Webster)
3. Pella
4. Norwalk
5. Hampton Dumont

JustYourEveryDaySonO on Feb 5, 2019, 12:52 PM
Post #4
Tier 1
GC: Jefferson Connections (BV)(BC)
1RU: Iowa City High (BB)
2RU: Dallas Center-Grimes
3RU: Des Moines Roosevelt
4RU: Council Bluff Jefferson
Tier 2
GC: Skutt Catholic
1RU: Dension
Tier 3
GC: Des Moines
1RU: Emmetsburg
2RU: Belmond-Klemme

Häakon on Jan 31, 2019, 9:42 AM
Post #3
Full schedule added. Some groups weren't listed by name, so if anyone from a participating school can verify that the correct choir(s) are listed, that would be great. It doesn't appear that there are finals at this event.


MOlsen on Jan 19, 2019, 2:36 PM
Post #1
Anyone have a schedule for this one? Or who’s coming?


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