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Mitchell Show Choir Classic

The Mitchell Show Choir Classic is home to one of the finest venues for Show Choir in the country. Designed specifically with show choirs in mind, the Mitchell Performing Arts Center boasts seating for over 1,200 patrons and a stage with a generous 2,500 sq. ft. performance area. Professional wing space allows for large set pieces, ample changing space, and room to prep for song changes and transitions. Load-in and load-out is a breeze when you pull your trailer directly into the scene shop/backstage area, accommodating show choirs of truly any size. Warm up, storage, and loading dock are all adjacent to the stage and make the performance sequence efficient and easy. We have also added a separate solo competition for all of your powerhouse soloists! Our parent and student volunteers can't wait to welcome you and help make your day as carefree as possible! Make the Mitchell Show Choir Classic a part of your performance schedule and let us show you what “South Dakota nice” is all about.

Event Date: March 15th-16th, 2024
Performance Area: 50' x 50'
Entry Fee: $300 (High School) / $250 (Middle School)

Finals: Yes
Divisions Offered: Middle School, Prep, Single-Gender, Small Mixed, Large Mixed


360° Event Panoramas

Venue Entrance Audience Seating Stage Load-in Area Warm-up Room

2024 Judges
Juding panel coming soon!


Mitchell High School
Performing Arts Center
821 N Capital St.
Mitchell, SD 57301


Please contact [email protected]


Mitchell is a friendly destination full of surprises, offering the best of small-town, midwestern living with countless charming amenities and educational opportunities. Our community offers several hotel options to accommodate overnight needs and your stay is not complete without a visit to the World’s Only Corn Palace, just a few blocks from our venue! We are confident you will have an incredible experience at the Mitchell Show Choir Classic and hope you will join us in 2022.

Performance Timing

Groups are allotted a maximum performance time slot, which includes setup and teardown. Timing varies based on division as follows:

Middle School: 20 minutes
High School Single-Gender/Prep: 25 minutes
High School Tier I & Tier II: 30 minutes
Technical Information

Sixteen StageRight 4’ x 8’ risers are provided, with four at each of the following heights: 8”, 16”, 24”, and 32”. Stairs lead up to both the 24” and 32” rows.

This standard set of risers cannot be altered, but additional risers may be added by the performing group. If additional risers are added, a 40” set of stairs for each side of the stage is also available.

If requested by the director, we can provide an additional 4’ x 4’ riser on both sides of the standard setup at both the 8” and 16” heights.

Five wireless microphones in mic stands and four mic cradles will be provided across the front of the stage. Mics, stands, and cradles can be moved wherever necessary for your performance. We can also accommodate additional wireless microphones if requested by the director.

Professionally operated lighting and sound will be provided. We can accommodate simple lighting effects (i.e. blackouts) if requested by the director, however, someone must sit up in the lighting both during your performance to provide instructions and guide our lighting technician.

Scoring Method

Palu Tabulations, a web-based scoring system, is used by the judges to input scores and to tabulate the results from our ballots.

Placements in the middle school division are determined by total raw scores with two judges scoring on the Vocal Emphasis Ballot and one judge scoring on the Visual Emphasis Ballot. Each competing Middle School group will also receive a special caption award!

Placements in the high school divisions are determined by ordinal ranking consensus converted from raw scores with three judges scoring on the Vocal Emphasis Ballot and two judges scoring on the Visual Emphasis Ballot. The scores from the Band Ballot will be used to determine the Best Band caption and will not affect the overall outcome.

Placements in Finals are determined by ordinal ranking consensus converted from raw scores on the Finals Adjudication Sheet.
Competition Forms


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