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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

February 10th, 2024

Venue Info

Twinsburg High School
10084 Ravenna Road
Twinsburg, OH 44087

Phone: (330) 486-2400

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  7 Mixed Groups
  1 Treble Groups


  Twinsburg "Great Expectations"
  Twinsburg "Blue Harmony"
  RB Chamberlain "RBC Singers"


  Heath Weber

  Gavin Dover

  Farlanda Buchannon


$20 All Day Adult
$15 All Day Students/Senior Citizens
$10 Finals Only - after 6:00pm

Cash, Credit, Google & Apple Pay accepted


Twinsburg Northcoast Invitational 2024

Event Site
Live Stream



 The All Americans
 ETC School of Musical Arts
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Costumes 
Best Soloist (Jax Wess) 

 Music in Motion
 Solon High School
First Runner Up 
Best Band 
Best Crew 
Best Closer 
People's Choice 

 ETC School of Musical Arts
Second Runner Up 
Best Show Concept 
Judge's Choice 

 Pop Singers
 Jefferson High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Limited Edition
 Mayfield High School
4th Runner Up 
Spirit Award 

 Music Express
 Garfield Heights High School
5th Runner Up 

Open Division (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Middle School Division

 Main Street Singers
 ETC School of Musical Arts

Attending Members displaying 6 of 20 members (view all)  







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18 comments • Sort by


Thebestschoolinohio on Feb 14, 2024, 2:11 PM
Post #18
What happened to the recording of the Show?


TristanTragic on Feb 11, 2024, 1:01 PM
Post #17
I loved twinsburg show it was so well put together. It was also something I’ve not seen before so 10/10

notsoblonde on Feb 11, 2024, 1:23 AM
Post #16
This was my first time seeing the Jefferson Pop Singers and their show was so cool and creative, and had a lot of awesome pictures during their show that were so unique. Good job tonight!


TristanTragic on Feb 10, 2024, 11:58 PM
Post #15
Also Rouge won “Best Visuals” During Prelims: not sure how you would mark that on here

Jeff. on Feb 10, 2024, 11:49 PM
Post #14
Final results posted.


TristanTragic on Feb 10, 2024, 8:43 PM
Post #13
I believe that rouge will win


Thebestschoolinohio on Feb 10, 2024, 7:36 PM
Post #12
Euclid got sent home


Blah blah on Feb 10, 2024, 6:58 PM
Post #9
(post removed)


jjleto on Feb 10, 2024, 7:09 PM
Post #10
Whats the rank??

Häakon on Feb 10, 2024, 7:13 PM
Post #11
We're not doing this today. Please consider this a general message to the community to keep posts respectful or just take it somewhere else. It is okay to be critical, but do so in a way that is not detrimental to the participants. Ask questions, seek clarification, or make a constructive statement, but accusations, racism, vulgar language, or slander are not going to be tolerated. Thank you.

Quinn_Kiefer on Feb 10, 2024, 5:53 PM
Post #8
Best soloist- ETC All Americans
Judges choice- ETC Rouge
Best Crew- Solon
Best Visuals- ETC Rouge
Best Combo- Solon
Best Costumes- ETC All Americans
Best ending with an umph- Solon
Best Show Concept- ETC Rouge
Spirit Award- Mayfield
Best Sportsmanship- Euclid
People's Choice- Solon

Finalists in no order
-Garfield Heights
-ETC Rouge
-ETC All Americans


declanwho._ on Feb 6, 2024, 4:32 PM
Post #5
Will there be a livestream for this event?

asidoti on Feb 8, 2024, 7:16 PM
Post #6
There was last year so I'd assume there is one this year.


nick.kirkpatrick on Feb 10, 2024, 10:57 AM
Post #7
Here is the live stream

Will. on Jan 29, 2024, 4:18 PM (Edited)
Post #2
Schedule is posted.
10:00a - ETC New Generation (elementary group)
10:30 - RBC Singers
4:15p - Blue Harmony, daytime awards to follow
6:30 - finals start (six groups)
10:00 - Great Expectations, final awards to follow

Get_Ready0203 on Jan 29, 2024, 6:00 PM
Post #3
ETC New Generation is the elementary group

Will. on Jan 29, 2024, 6:15 PM
Post #4
You are correct - post has been edited to reflect as such. Thank you!


PHampton on May 3, 2023, 8:57 AM
Post #1
Register for the Northcoast Invitational here!


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