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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

January 20th-21st, 2023

Venue Info

Johnston High School
6500 NW 100th St
Johnston, IA 50131

Phone: (515) 278-0449

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  11 Mixed Groups
  1 Treble Groups
  10 Middle School Groups


  Johnston "Innovation"
  Johnston "Synergy"
  Johnston "Bella Voce"
  Johnston "Sound Advice"
  Johnston "Impact"
  Summit "Fusion"


  Chad Alexander

  Robyn Starks Holcomb

  Steve Woodin

  Heath Weber (HS scoring & MS critique)

  David Fog (HS scoring)

  Lukas Warren (HS critique/finals & MS critique)

  Dina Else (HS critique)

  Caroline Edgeton (HS critique)

  Wendy Haight (HS finals)

  Kaily Walsh (HS band)


$12 Friday
$15 Saturday
$17 All Weekend (before 01/10/23)
$20 All Weekend (after 01/10/23)


Johnston Showzam! 2023

Event Site
Live Stream



 Waukee Northwest High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Instrumentalist (Andrew Wittmer) 

 Urbandale High School
First Runner Up 
Best Band 

 Ankeny Centennial High School
Second Runner Up 
Best Soloist (Max Vernon) 
Best Soloist (Abby Fickbohm) 

 Happiness, Inc.
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Waukee Northwest High School
4th Runner Up 
Best Soloist (Tilynne Cartmill) 
Best Instrumentalist (Marcus Truong) 

 Sound Revolution
 Norwalk High School
5th Runner Up 
Andy Long Best Crew Award 

Mixed Division (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Treble Division

 Ankeny Centennial High School

Prep Division


 Waukee Northwest High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 
Best Soloist (Tilynne Cartmill) 
Best Instrumentalist (Marcus Truong) 

 Urbandale High School
Second Place 
Best Soloist (Devon Johnson) 

 Eternal Rush
 Ankeny Centennial High School
Third Place 

 Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School
4th Place 

 Sound Adrenaline

 Norwalk High School
No Placement 


 Waukee Prairieview School
No Placement 


 Ankeny Centennial High School
No Placement 

Middle School Division - Tier I


 Leaders of the Pack
 Russell Middle School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Band 
Best Instrumentalist (Chloe Chase) 

 Westside Connection
 Westside Middle School
Second Place 
Best Choreography 
Best Soloist (Max) 

 En Fuego
 Waukee Timberline School
Third Place 
Best Soloist 

 Northview Middle School
4th Place 


 Benton Community Middle School
No Placement 


 Urbandale Middle School
No Placement 

Middle School Division - Tier II


 Russell Middle School
First Place 

 Urbandale Middle School
Second Place 

 Waukee South Middle School
Third Place 

Attending Members displaying 6 of 20 members (view all)  







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GabbaG on Jan 20, 2024, 4:20 PM
Post #29
Urbandale wwas so good should’ve won


Gabrielcastaneda199x on Mar 31, 2023, 3:23 AM
Post #24
I’m curious about why the prep groups get put into finals isn’t that a little unfair to be going up against more advanced groups?

Häakon on Mar 31, 2023, 3:57 AM
Post #25
It's an honor to be competing in finals with the Tier I groups. They still get their award for placing well in their own division.

juliofrommississippi on Mar 31, 2023, 8:17 AM (Edited)
Post #26
It's a difference in circuits, I guess. Many times, a large school prep group in Iowa is one of the Top 6 groups at a competition, and therefore would be deserving of finals. I have seen dozens of extremely competitive prep groups in Iowa that have beaten several good varsity choirs in a single season.

If there isn't finals at a competition, you will see most of the prep groups compete in their own division. Every once in a while, you'll see a prep group compete in the "Open Division", which in Iowa generally means the top tier of performing groups. Groups like Benton, Des Moines Christian, Bishop Heelan, Marion etc. are a lot smaller than Linn-Mar or the Des Moines suburb schools, but they are still very competitive groups that compete well, especially when they travel to other states, and so they often choose to compete in the Open Division, even though their school size would allow them to compete in a smaller division. There are schools like Ankeny Centennial and Waukee that have had their prep groups compete in Open Division.

In the past, we at MOShow had a rule about not allowing prep groups in finals, but honestly, most of the bigger Iowa choirs (including ourselves) have very competitive prep groups that do regularly make finals and place Top 6 at competitions. We were losing choirs because they wanted to compete at places where their prep groups could make finals. There were times at MOShow where a prep group could have the 4th highest score, but not be eligible for finals.

Sorry for the ramble. Hope this starts to explain some of the differences in our circuit!


BACooperElli26 on Mar 31, 2023, 8:45 AM
Post #27
If you have not seen Aurora I can understand this question. I got to be lucky enough to see them live! They are extremely good and deserve to be in the finals.

Häakon on Mar 31, 2023, 9:32 AM
Post #28


Many times, a large school prep group in Iowa is one of the Top 6 groups at a competition.

Almost makes you wonder why they're in a "lower" division to begin with...

rickymcgarry on Jan 21, 2023, 11:00 PM
Post #23
I need to see Eos live, literally INSANE

SWINGS.EP on Jan 21, 2023, 10:51 PM
Post #22
Wow. Congrats Eos!!!

The Ethan Price on Jan 21, 2023, 10:42 PM
Post #19
Waukee Northwest’s vocals murdered me. I am dead. And that was just through the live stream. I can’t imagine being there in person especially at the end of the ballad. Some of the most mature and rich vocals maybe ever. I just CANNOT. That was stunning. WNW seems to be the choir in Iowa that will set the bar for new innovation each year. And they’re only a couple years old as a school. Just amazing.


joechoir on Jan 21, 2023, 10:50 PM
Post #21
They produce an absurd amount of sound and their intonation is super, super good. And their prep group is killing it!! I am absolutely here for another Iowa powerhouse.

thebetterbauer on Jan 21, 2023, 10:50 PM
Post #20
Final results are posted!

The Ethan Price on Jan 21, 2023, 5:22 PM
Post #9
Y’all. Centennial’s concept is Love Island. And being a super fan of this exact trash reality tv show, I could not have been more excited. They even have three couples that the “public” aka audience can vote for to declare a winner. They put a number up and you can literally text it and vote for which couple you want to win. I voted for couple #2 and they won (note: I watched via live stream so no I didn’t pull out my phone in the gym)! Now I’m not sure if they actually end their show based on actual votes from that specific time or if a certain couple always wins and its planned beforehand - but either way, it was AMAZING and I was LIVING for it.


joechoir on Jan 21, 2023, 5:25 PM
Post #10
Couple 3 won at the competition they hosted, so it changes at least a little. It's a very very fun show.

The Ethan Price on Jan 21, 2023, 5:31 PM
Post #11
Someone from Centennial needs to give some details. Does the live vote dictate who wins? Or is the winner picked before the performance so the couples know where they will end up blocked at the end? Either way I LOVED it.

Jeff. on Jan 21, 2023, 5:49 PM
Post #12
It's probably the last thing I expected Spectrum to do as a show theme, which is what makes it so refreshing.

Häakon on Jan 21, 2023, 5:51 PM
Post #13
That sounds incredible... I love original ideas like this, especially when they include/lampoon popular culture. Can't wait to see it!


Jnecker on Jan 21, 2023, 6:58 PM
Post #17
Vote is live. They pick the couple with the most votes. Pretty cool. Hopefully they really bring it in the finals.

Foghorn on Jan 21, 2023, 7:25 PM
Post #18
Can’t help but clock the White Lotus theme song at the beginning which is a cool Easter egg for the parents in the room since that show is likely not being watched by high schoolers.

The Ethan Price on Jan 21, 2023, 6:13 PM
Post #14
I also want to take a moment to talk about Urbandale Studio. Their show is allll Iowa. Well, Field of Dreams baseball (Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa) and Iowa . They have corn set pieces. The girls wear baseball uniforms ala A League of Their Own. There are a couple guys actually “having a catch” on stage with a baseball. The boys wear cowboy hats and sing the timeless classic “she thinks my tractors sexy”. The show is perfect and I loved it.

The Ethan Price on Jan 21, 2023, 6:28 PM
Post #15
(I didn’t see WNW Eos because I was watching basketball so I can’t report on them but I’m excited to see their show for finals!)

Jeff. on Jan 21, 2023, 6:44 PM
Post #16
I saw your tweets. So sorry to see the Hawkeyes are having a rough season. Usually hoops is the bright spot for y'all! Surely, I'll start paying more attention for March Madness.

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