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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

January 15th, 2022

Venue Info

Lowell High School
50 Father Morissette Boulevard
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 937-8900

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  3 Mixed Groups
  1 Treble Groups
  1 Bass Groups


  Lowell "Sound Impressions"
  Lowell "Soundsations"


  Lennie Machado

  Connie Galli


Ticket prices unknown.


Lowell Mill City Show Choir Festival 2022

Event Site
Live Stream

Open Division


 Daniel Hand High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Judge's Award (Band) 
Judge's Award (Best Slo-Mo Dancers) 
Gold Medal 

 Music Unlimited
 Waltham High School
Second Place 
Best Choreography 
Judge's Award (Best Latin Swag) 
Gold Medal 

 From Start to Finish
 Andover High School
Third Place 
Silver Medal 

 Back To Bass-ics
 Andover High School
4th Place 
Silver Medal 

 Nothin' But Treble
 Andover High School
5th Place 

Attending Members displaying 2 of 2 members  



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idmjedi on Jan 15, 2022, 11:03 PM (Edited)
Post #9
No captions were awarded but placements were:

GC: Vibe (Gold medal)
1RU: Waltham (Gold medal)
And I am unsure of the other groups placement but medals were:
From Start to Finish: Silver
Back to Bassics: Silver
I didn’t hear NBT

idmjedi on Jan 16, 2022, 10:52 AM
Post #11
Vibe won best vocals
Waltham won best choreo

Jack White on Jan 16, 2022, 3:59 PM
Post #12
3RU: Andover Back to Bassics
4RU: Andover Nothin But Treble


eastcoast79 on Jan 15, 2022, 11:34 PM
Post #10
Anyone know the scores??

idmjedi on Jan 15, 2022, 6:44 PM
Post #8
Good luck to all the groups performing today and welcome back New England show choir!


thomasd5696 on Jan 15, 2022, 6:16 PM
Post #6
Will the competition be live streamed?

idmjedi on Jan 15, 2022, 6:43 PM
Post #7
Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything showing that it would be

trentdebonis on Jan 15, 2022, 2:30 PM
Post #5
Update: Looking at a Mill City schedule from today, it appears that Dracut has withdrawn from the competition. Now, the event begins at 4:45pm with Lowell Soundsations (exhibition). Rest of schedule remains the same.


zmoore on Jan 15, 2022, 8:54 AM
Post #3
Does anyone know who the judges are today?

trentdebonis on Jan 15, 2022, 2:27 PM
Post #4
Lennie Machado and Connie Galli for sure, as they are leading the clinics in the morning. Not sure if there's more though...

trentdebonis on Jan 12, 2022, 3:07 PM
Post #2
Updated Schedule:
4:00 - Lowell "Soundsations" - Exhibition
4:45 - Dracut "Measure Up"
5:30 - Andover "Nothin' but Treble"
6:15 - Andover "Back to Bass-ics"
7:00 - Waltham "Music Unlimited"
7:45 - Andover "From Start to Finish"
8:30 - Daniel Hand "VIBE"
9:15 - Lowell "Sound Impressions" - Exhibition
9:45 - Awards

sam. on Dec 17, 2021, 3:16 PM
Post #1
Schedule is as follows:

4:00 - Lowell “Soundsations” - Exhibition
4:45 - Andover “Back to Bass-ics”
5:30 - Dracut “Measure Up”
6:15 - Andover “Nothin’ But Treble”
7:00 - Waltham “Music Unlimited”
7:45 - Andover “From Start to Finish”
8:30 - Daniel Hand “VIBE”
9:00 - Lowell “Sound Impressions” - Exhibition

Awards Scheduled for 9:30

**Back to Bass-ics and Nothin’ But Treble may swap performance slots


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