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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

March 12th, 2022

Venue Info

Shelbyville High School
2003 S. Miller St.
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Phone: (317) 398-9731

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  10 Mixed Groups
  4 Treble Groups
  1 Middle School Groups


  Shelbyville "Synergy"


  Shawn Porter

  Elaine Moebius

  Mike Weaver

  Russ Smith

  Jill Evans

  Lisa Macklin


Ticket prices unknown.


Shelbyville Singing Sensational 2022

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I


 Minstrel Magic
 Carroll High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 
Best Crew 
Best Costumes 
Best Male Soloist (Trey McFarland) 
Best Female Soloist (Trinity McFarland) 

 Rhythm Masters
 Whiteland Community High School
Second Place 

Mixed Division - Tier II


 Pike High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Crew 
Best Male Soloist (Caleb Bailey) 
Best Female Soloist (Rylie Dukes) 

 Opening Knight
 South Dearborn High School
Second Place 

 Austin High School
Third Place 

 Indian Rhythm

 Milan High School
No Placement 

 Tiger Pizazz

 Lawrenceburg High School
No Placement 


 Greenfield-Central High School
No Placement 

 Purple Pizzazz
 Middletown High School
No Placement 
Best Band 

Treble Division


 Select Sound
 Carroll High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Crew 
Best Soloist (Jaina Berry) 

 Pike High School
Second Place 

 Whiteland Community High School
Third Place 

 Whiteland Community High School
4th Place 
People's Choice 

Middle School Division

 Austin Middle School

In Exhibition

 A Touch Of Class

 Jennings County High School
Exhibition Only 

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Ross H


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Ross H on Mar 12, 2022, 10:25 PM (Edited)
Post #6


Best Crew: Carroll “Select Sound”
Best Soloist: Carroll “Select Sound” (Jaina Berry)
2RU: Whiteland “Expressions”
Best Choreography: Carroll “Select Sound”
1RU: Pike “Mystiques”
Best Vocals: Carroll “Select Sound”
GC: Carroll “Select Sound”

Middle School:

Best Crew: Austin “Adrenaline”
Best Male Soloist: Austin (Ari Harrison)
Best Female Soloist: Austin (Kyra Johnson)
Best Choreography: Austin
Best Vocals: Austin
Grand Champion: Austin

Peoples Choice: Whiteland “Iridescence”
Best Costumes: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”

Small Mixed:

Best Crew: Pike “Encores”
Best Band: Middletown “Purple Pizazz”
Best Male Soloist: Pike (?)
Best Female Soloist: Pike (Riley Dukes)
2RU: Austin “Dimensions”
Best Choreography: Pike “Encores”
1RU: South Dearborn “Opening Knight”
Best Vocals: Pike “Encores”
Grand Champion: Pike “Encores”

Large Mixed

Best Crew: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”
Best Band: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”
Best Female Soloist: Carroll (Trinity McFarland)
Best Male Soloist: Carroll (Trey McFarland)
Best Choreography: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”
Best Vocals: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”
1RU: Whiteland “Rhythm Masters”
GC: Carroll “Minstrel Magic”


pkencore4 on Mar 13, 2022, 1:47 PM
Post #10
Small Mixed
Male Soloist- Caleb Bailey (Pike HS “Encores”)
Female Soloist- Rylie Dukes (Pike HS “Encores”)


pkencore4 on Mar 13, 2022, 1:45 PM (Edited)
Post #9
Encores Sweep!! Congrats

nicolewalker1999 on Mar 12, 2022, 11:09 PM
Post #8
YEEESSS GO CARROLL!!! So well deserved!!


goinggray on Mar 12, 2022, 10:31 PM
Post #7
Carroll……WAY TO GO!!!!!!! I’m so unbelievably proud of you guys! God bless, Damon


Sarge1578 on Mar 12, 2022, 10:11 PM (Edited)
Post #5
Carroll sweep! congratulations!

nicolewalker1999 on Mar 8, 2022, 10:13 PM
Post #3
Really rooting for Carroll this weekend. I cant figure out for the life of me how neither one of their choirs have won GC this season. They’re putting on mini broadway shows!! Perhaps I’m biased as Carroll was one of the first show choirs I ever saw live many a year ago but I dunno. Maybe it’s just because of who they’ve been up against but their shows are most definitely GC worthy. Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend!!


paulie_pooh on Mar 9, 2022, 2:58 PM
Post #4
This means alot to us!

Ross H on Mar 4, 2022, 12:59 PM
Post #2

Shawn Porter
Elaine Moebius
Mike Weaver
Russ Smith
Jill Evans
Lisa Macklin

Ross H on Mar 1, 2022, 3:01 PM (Edited)
Post #1

Univoice Divison
Whiteland "Iridescence" 9:30
Decatur Central "Expressions" 10:00
Pike "Mystiques" 10:30
Carroll "Select Sound" 11:00
Whiteland "Expressions" 11:30

Middle School Division

Austin "Adrenaline" 1:00

Mixed Tier II Division
Milan "Indian Rhythm" 1:30
Lawrenceburg "Tiger Pizazz" 2:00
Greenfield Central "Legacy" 2:30
South Dearborn "Opening Knight" 3:00
Decatur Central "Goldenaires" 3:30
Austin "Dimensions" 4:00
Jennings County "A Touch Of Class" 4:30 (Exhibition)
Pike "Encores" 6:00
Brown County "Rhapsody" 6:30

Mixed Tier I Division
Whiteland "Rhythm Masters" 7:00
Middletown "Purple Pizazz" 7:30
Carroll "Minstrel Magic" 8:00

Shelbyville “Synergy” 8:30 (Exhibition)

Awards 9:00


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