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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
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Event Info

January 22nd, 2022

Venue Info

Millard West High School
5710 S. 176th Avenue
Omaha, NE 68135

Phone: (402) 715-6000

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  12 Mixed Groups
  4 Treble Groups
  9 Middle School Groups


  Millard West "West in the Groove"
  Millard West "Uptown Girls"
  Millard West "Swing Cats"

Judges: Unknown


$15 Adults
$5 K-12
No Charge Kids 4 & Under


Millard West Music Lives 2022

Event Site
Live Stream



 Amazing Technicolor Show Choir
 Westside High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Opener 
Best Closer 
Best Costumes 
Fan Favorite 
Best Soloist 

 Lincoln East High School
First Runner Up 
Cassie Wilson Spirit Award 

 Millard North High School
Second Runner Up 
Best Female Performer (Wendy Kanmogne) 

 The Ambassadors
 Omaha South High School
3rd Runner Up 
Best Band 
Best Ballad 
Best Male Performer 

 Lewis Central High School
4th Runner Up 
Best Soloist (Jaxon Roberts) 

 Simply Irresistible
 Westside High School
5th Runner Up 

Mixed Division (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Treble Division


 Simply Irresistible
 Westside High School
First Place 

 Millard North High School
Second Place 

 Lincoln East High School
Third Place 

 Mercy High School
4th Place 

Prep Division


 Warrior Express
 Westside High School
First Place 

 Lincoln East High School
Second Place 

 Aurora High School
Third Place 

 East In Harmony

 Bellevue East High School
No Placement 


 Millard North High School
No Placement 

Middle School Mixed Division


 Leaders of the Pack
 Russell Middle School
First Place 
Best Choreography 
Best Soloist (Killian Jackson Cusick) 

 Westside Connection
 Westside Middle School
Second Place 
Best Vocals 

 Show Dogs
 Beadle Middle School
Third Place 

 The Aviators
 Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School
4th Place 
Fan Favorite 


 Russell Middle School
No Placement 


 Elkhorn Ridge Middle School
No Placement 


 Andersen Middle School
No Placement 

Middle School Treble Division


 Beadle Middle School
First Place 

 Millard North Middle School
Second Place 

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8 comments • Sort by

Mr. Schroeder on Jan 23, 2022, 1:19 AM
Post #4
I apologize for not catching the rest of the names for Female Performer and ATSC’s Best Soloist! Here are some additional captions awarded during the day awards:

ATSC: Best Opener, Best Closer, Best Costumes
Ambassadors: Best Ballad


sydneymalaika on Jan 23, 2022, 6:13 PM
Post #8
Best Female Performer - Wendy Kanmogne from Millard North!

Mr. Schroeder on Jan 23, 2022, 1:05 AM (Edited)
Post #3
GC: ATSC (BV/BC/Best Soloist)
1RU: Express
2RU: Infinity (Best Female Performer)
3RU: Ambassadors (BB/Best Male Performer - Mekhi P.)
4RU: Corporation (Best Soloist - Jaxon Roberts)
5RU: Simply Irresistable


kirbyle_25 on Jan 23, 2022, 1:20 AM
Post #6
Didn’t Omaha South get Best Band?

Mr. Schroeder on Jan 23, 2022, 1:28 AM
Post #7
That is correct - my mistake.


kirbyle_25 on Jan 23, 2022, 1:19 AM
Post #5
ATSC also got Best Opener and Closer
Omaha South got Best Ballad

osvaldopvOZ15 on Jan 22, 2022, 8:46 PM
Post #2
Daytime Awards

Prep Division
GC: Westside "Warrior Express"
1RU: Lincoln East "Elevation"
2RU: Aurora "Impact"

Single-Gender Division
GC: Westside "Simply Irresistible"
1RU: Millard North "Illumination"
2RU: Lincoln East "Elegance"

Open Division Daytime Placements
GC: Westside "ATSC"
1RU: Lincoln East "Express"
2RU: Omaha South "The Ambassadors"

Fan Favorite Award: ATSC
Cassie Wilson Spirit Award: Lincoln East

Jeff. on Jan 5, 2022, 10:22 PM
Post #1
Schedule is posted. Middle school performances are in the auditorium; high school performances are in the gym. Music Lives will take 6 finalists.

12:45 pm - Uptown Girls (exhibition in gym)
3:40 pm - Swing Cats (exhibition in auditorium)
4:00 pm - Middle School Awards
5:15 pm - West In The Groove
5:45 pm - Daytime Awards
7:00 pm - Finals #1
7:30 pm - Finals #2
8:00 pm - Finals #3
8:30 pm - Finals #4
9:00 pm - Finals #5
9:30 pm - Finals #6
10:15 pm - Final Awards


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