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Vision 2023

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Kevin Spindler


Kevin Chase

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  1. Bring Me To Life

Written by Amy Lee, Benjamin Moody, and David Hodges

Originally performed by Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy

Soloist(s): Kayden Kloehn

  2. Passing Through (Can't The Future Just Wait)

Written by Kaden MacKay

Originally performed by Kaden MacKay

  3. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? / Yesterday

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Written by Sandy Denny

Originally performed by Sandy Denny

Soloist(s): Olivet Stein


Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Originally performed by The Beatles

  4. Bones

Written by Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredrikson, and Wayne Sermon

Originally performed by Imagine Dragons

Soloist(s): Jonah Stone, Noah Wright

  5. Time for Me to Fly

Written by Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas I, Kevin Jonas II, Joe Jonas, and PJ Bianco

Originally performed by Jonas Brothers

Soloist(s): Rachel Schuler


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