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Tori Brindis
Tori is a full-time freelance choreographer living in Portland, OR. She is originally from Connecticut and a member of South Windsor High School’s “Choral Spectrum”. She grew up dancing in studios studying all styles of dance. Throughout college she participated in many shows and musicals as well as spent her summers at Show Choir Camps of America.

After receiving her college degree in Spanish Language and culture with a minor in dance, she moved out to Los Angeles and was signed by Clear Talent Agency and began to dance professionally. She trained at some of the top studios in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to work on many different shows, music videos, and live performances for things like LA Fashion Week, ABC's Mixology, Tokyo Disney's Little Mermaid attraction and much more.

Tori has been choreographing and adjudicating show choirs full time since 2012. She has the opportunity to work with and clinic for groups in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois, Arizona, California, West Virginia, and Texas. She spends the year educating students on the power of movement and all the amazing life lessons show choir has to offer. When she’s not working with or adjudicating show choirs, she’s enjoying the comforts of home in one of the best west coast cities.

Choreographer Adjudicator

Johnston High School (IA)
   Synergy 2022-2024
Elkhorn South High School (NE)
   Shockwave 2023-2024
Franklin Central High School (IN)
   F.C. Singers 2015-2024
   High Voltage 2016-2024
   Encores 2018-2021
Waltham High School (MA)
   Music Unlimited 2014-2024
Urbandale High School (IA)
   Affinity 2024
Hurricane High School (WV)
   Red Hot 2023-2024
Waukee Timberline School (IA)
   Inferno 2022-2024
   En Fuego 2024
Waukee High School (IA)
   Millennium 2016-2024
   Nova 2019-2021
   Spirit 2022-2024
Horizon High School (AZ)
   Women's Ensemble 2024
Loveland High School (OH)
   By Request 2013-2022

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