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Pleasant Hill Battle of the Best: click here! officially opened its doors to a nationwide audience on November 20, 2002. Over the last 15 years, we have grown from a small handful of show choir fans to a passionate community of thousands, but our goal remains the same today as it did back then: to foster positive growth in the world of show choir and serve as the best historical resource possible for everyone involved.

As part of this milestone celebration, we've been working extremely hard to bring you improvements that will help usher in the next iteration of Here are some of the headline features:

NEW! Brand-new events system. Events are now self-contained and display as one event no matter how long they run. To see which groups are performing on which day, just use the day selector button right under the name of each event.

NEW! Brand-new comment system. Events are no longer combined with the forums and have their own comment system. Comments have a new cleaner threaded design, making it much more clear who is replying to who and allowing for multiple conversations within one event.

NEW! Speed Improvements Structural code has been reworked to allow for significant efficiency improvements, vastly improving load times and making for a more enjoyable experience overall for our visitors.

NEW! Persistent login. Now, stay logged into until you log out - no more needing to log in every single time you visit the website. Gone are the days of losing posts due to being logged out after a certain amount of time.

NEW! High-dpi graphics. Many elements of the site have been re-rendered in ultra high resolution, allowing for extremely crisp and vivid images on high-dpi devices like iPads with retina displays.

NEW! Social Portal A new personlized comment area shows you easy lists of what site content you have and haven't yet read and allows you to customize notifications for new posts.

NEW! VS. MODE Select any two choirs and see how they have fared against each other throughout history!

IMPROVED! Enhanced calendar. The calendar has been drastically cleaned up and now shows events that span multiple days clearly. No more "day one" and "day two" clutter.

Coming Soon: New search functionality allowing for easier access to the data you care about most, including direct search for show choir personnel.

Coming Soon: The Marketplace will be open very soon, allowing anyone who has a show choir-related profession or business to reach the community directly in one centralized, clean space.

Coming Soon: Photo galleries for choirs and events will allow anyone to share their favorite images and build a living time capsule of show choir history.

Coming Soon: A working "about us" section. Just who runs this place anyway? :P

In addition to all of these awesome headline features, we have made hundreds of small tweaks to the site as well to make it more user-friendly and accessible for everyone. There is finally a "submit info" button in the menu bar that will eventually lead to our new submissions system, but for now will provide a direct email link to anyone who may have been frustrated about just where to submit information to the site in the past.

Everything listed above are things that are ready right now or very close to release, but we also have an internal list of other amazing new features that we plan to develop over the coming year. Our 15th anniversary celebration will continue throughout 2018 with even more wonderful new content, and as always will be 100% free to access.

From everyone here at, thank YOU for 15 incredible years of support. Your participation, suggestions, and contributions have made this website what it is and give us motivation to keep improving on the experience every single day. When we debuted in 2002, a conscious choice was made to call it the Show Choir Community - because it's the people who really make show choir truly magical. From the singers and dancers to the show choir bands, from the teachers and choreographers to the tech crews and arrangers, from the moms and dads to the endless volunteers - you are the magic that makes show choir great. So here's to the last 15 years as we look to the what's next. More than ever we are determined to help promote, improve, and champion this amazing activity that we all love together. See you on Show Choir Saturday. :)


Great Expectations 2004 - "Everyday Is A Windin..."


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