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Greg Bussiere
We do not have any extended information about this individual.


Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Fantasy 1998-2020
Illusion 2004-2020
Testostertones 2014-2018
Daniel Hand High School
VIBE 2011-2019
Vibe 2011-2019
Prattville High School
Spotlight 2018-2019
American Leadership Academy
Evolution 2019
Lowell High School
Sound Impressions 2016-2019
Soundsations 2019
Zionsville High School
Royalaires 2016-2019
Choralaires 2017-2019
Dudley Middle School
Prestige 2010-2019
Charlton Middle School
Mirage 2007-2019
Somerset Berkley Regional High School
Electrify 2005-2019
Amplified 2016
Whiteland Community High School
Rhythm Masters 2017-2018
David Prouty High School
Shockwave 2015
Bartlett High School
Impressions 2012-2015
New Attitude 2012
Southbridge High School
Lyrics 2012


 John Burroughs Music Showcase 2019
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy Raise the Roof! 2019
 Menchville Clash of Choirs 2018
 Olentangy Keynote Classic 2017
 Heart of America Kansas City 2017
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy Raise The Roof! 2016
 Marysville Showcase 2016
 FAME Show Choir National Finals 2015


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