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Tatum Mahlen
Tatum Mahlen has 15+ years of teaching and is currently a vocal music director at Hastings High School in Hastings, Minnesota. Maheln has directed both varsity and prep show choirs, curricular choirs, and maintains a private voice studio.


Hastings High School
Upstage Revolution 2008-2011
Mitchell High School
Friend de Coup 2002-2004


 Sioux City East Sing All About It! 2021
 Hastings Swingin' On The River 2020
 Fort Atkinson Showcase 2020
 South Jones Invitational 2020
 Westwood Jubilation 2019
 Hastings Swingin' On The River 2019
 Fort Atkinson Showcase 2019
 Westwood Jubilation 2018
 Hastings Swingin' on the River 2018
 Waukee Starstruck 2018
 Davenport Great River Show Choir Invitational 2017
 Jackson Academy Show Choir Invitational 2017
 Prairie Premiere 2017
 Westwood Jubilation 2016
 Davenport Great River Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2016
 Davenport Great River Show Choir Invitational (Day One) 2016
 Waukee Starstruck (Day Two) 2016
 Prairie Premiere 2015
 Waukee Starstruck 2014
 Davenport Great River Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2013
 Westwood Jubilation 2011
 Waukee Starstruck 2010
 Westwood Jubilation 2008


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