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Anne Chapman
ANNE CHAPMAN has been singing since birth and dancing since she could walk. It was the natural progression of development growing up in the home of music educators. By middle school, she was earning honors as a vocalist and dancer, and by high school, she was teaching at the dance studio, choreographing show choirs, and singing at National ACDA Conventions. Through her college years at Baylor University, Anne remained active in choral and dance endeavors, while earning a degree in Education.

Anne taught second grade in Texas and Kindergarten in Iowa, but requests for her expertise as dance instructor, dance team coach, musical and show choir choreographer finally resulted in her transitioning from classroom educator to performance educator.

Anne’s studio pupils have been awarded regional and national honors, her dance teams have been crowned State Champions, her show choirs consistently rank at the highest levels in competition, and her skill as an adjudicator and clinician have provided her with numerous opportunities to serve as show choir camp choreographer, guest speaker at conventions and symposiums, and adjudicate competitions nationwide. Anne is a consummate performance educator; committed to the Art yet devoted to the learning that occurs through the Art. Anne Chapman: singing and dancing since birth; educating and inspiring young performers for a lifetime.


Keokuk High School
Purple Harmony 2010-2012
Vibrations 2016-2021
Urbandale Middle School
Pizzazz 2018-2021
Waukee Timberline School
En Fuego 2016-2021
Waukee South Middle School
Spark 2016-2021
Lincoln East High School
Elegance 2014-2021
West Branch High School
Christopher Jive and the Uptown 45 2019-2021
EnerJive 2018
Urbandale High School
Vitality 2004-2021
Mt. Pleasant Community High School
InMotion 2017-2021
Hannibal High School
River City Revue 2015-2021
Southeast Polk High School
Vocal Gold 2018-2021
Troy Buchanan High School
Express 2003-2010
Soundwave 2010-2021
Troy Middle School
Tonali-T 2010-2021
Ankeny High School
Perpetual Motion 2006-2010
Intensity 2020
Norris High School
Titanaires 2020
Bishop Heelan Catholic School
Magnifique 2020
Millard West High School
Uptown Girls 2012-2020
Swing Cats 2016-2020
Fort Madison High School
Swingspan 2015-2020
Fort Madison Middle School
Fortissimo 2019-2020
La Crosse Central High School
Central Connection 2020
Jefferson City High School
J City Riot 2017-2019
Millard South High School
South on Stage 2017-2019
Stage One 2019
Grand Island Senior High School
Sweet Revelation 2019
Future Image 2005
Fort Atkinson High School
Lexington Singers 2018-2019
Davenport West High School
This Just In! 2019
La Cueva High School
Main Street 2010-2018
5th Avenue 2010-2016
Central Lee High School
CENTRifugAL Force 2016-2018
Mt. Pleasant Middle School
Chain Reaction 2018
Danville High School
Vocal Chords 2017
Center Point-Urbana High School
Illumination 2015
Johnston High School
Synergy 2012
Holy Trinity Jr/Sr High School
Commotion 2006-2012
Totino-Grace High School
Encore Singers 2010-2011
Norwalk High School
Sound Revolution 2010-2011
Cedar Rapids Washington High School
Celebration 2010
Vivacé 2010
Davenport North High School
Northside Establishment 2009-2010
Muscatine High School
River City Rhythm 2009-2010
Pella High School
AcaPella 2009-2010
Altoona High School
Locomotion 2009
Anamosa High School
Sadie Street Singers 2005-2009
Davenport Central High School
Blue Vibrations 2005
Linn-Mar High School
In Step 2000-2005
Benton Community High School
Jubilation, Inc. 2005


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