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Tony Riner
Anthony Riner (Tony) is a graduate from Martinsburg High School and was a four year member of the Good Times Show Choir with the title of Co-Dance Captain his senior year. After graduation, Tony went on to West Virginia University for two years to work on his degree in Dance and Theatre. After leaving the university he went on to audition for productions, cruise lines and even the show So You Think You Can Dance. Tony has choreographed many dances for schools, including choreography for Spectrum last year, and even church choral groups in the surrounding area, as well as in other parts of the state. Tony will be returning to school in August to finish his associates in Dance and will be working towards his bachelors in Music Education. After the completion of his schooling, Tony looks to move to a surrounding state to start his own show choir and help show kids, parents and the community the importance of music in school. Tony is excited to help out with Spectrum once again this upcoming year.


Musselman Middle School
Spectrum 2017-2020


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