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Alycia Althaus
Alycia Althaus is a 2006 graduate of Findlay High school and is the Director of The Boingers with Findlay First Edition. She is currently in her second year of teaching in Findlay City schools, teaching elementary music at Jefferson and Chamberlin Hill schools.

She holds a music education degree from Bluffton University as well as a reading degree from the University of Findlay. Aside from working with First Edition, Alycia is also in her fifth year as assistant director of Findlay High school’s Freshman Show Choir, Voices in Perfection, where she is the director of their back-up band; The Rippers.

Miss Althaus is a private instructor on both clarinet and saxophone. She is also a director of a third through fifth grade children’s choir at her church. Alycia is an alumni of Findlay First Edition, where she was a member of the Boingers as well as being a singer/dancer.


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