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Diane Whitacre
Diane Whitacre began arranging for Southwestern’s Esprit in 2008 and has been their sole
arranger since the 2010 season. Her clients include Pike Mystiques and Encores, Whiteland Rhythm Masters, Lincoln High School Show Choirs, Des Moines, among others. She arranged for the Huntington North Varsity Singers from 2006 to 2009, while her son was in the group. When not writing for show choirs, she composes instrumental and choral music, plays oboe and teaches privately. Her band music is published through BRS Music, Inc, Indianapolis.

Diane received her BME in Music Education/oboe from Indiana University, Bloomington. She and her husband Chris, a band director, live in Huntington County. They have three children.


 Bishop Dwenger Summit Show Choir Invitational 2017
 Bishop Dwenger Summit Show Choir Invitational 2016
 Southwestern Ohio Valley Showcase 2013


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