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Bobby Picker
We do not have any extended information about this individual.


Troy Buchanan High School
Express 2016-2020
Soundwave 2017-2020
Edgewood High School
Choraliers 2019-2020
Marquette High School
Center Stage 2017-2020
Jefferson City High School
J City Riot 2017-2019
Atchison High School
Adrenaline 2017-2019
Troy Middle School
Tonali-T 2017-2019
Fort Madison High School
Swingspan 2018-2019
O'Fallon Township High School
Great Expectations 2017-2018
Innovations 2017-2018
La Cueva High School
Main Street 2018
Smith-Cotton High School
Broadway Velocity 2017
Springfield High School
IN Session 2017


 Heart of America Cincinnati 2017
 Danville Midwest Classic 2017
 Smith-Cotton Show Me Classic 2016
 O'Fallon O'Town Showdown 2016


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