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Dominic Matas
Dominic Matas is a dancer, singer, and choreographer based out of North Hollywood, CA; he is an award-winning choreographer for Show Choirs around the country. Dominic has been seen as a singer/dancer on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dancing With the Stars, and America's Got Talent. Dominic has danced at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, learning from some of the biggest choreographers in the Dance and Music Industry, and has trained and performed with the world-renowned dance team Academy of Villains. In 2018, Dominic was a nominee in the FAME Aspire Awards as one the year’s “Best New Choreographer”s. Dominic has an immense passion for teaching dance, as well as the discipline it takes to be a successful performer. 


John Burroughs High School
Men@Work 2017


Altoona High School
Locomotion 2018-2021
Avon High School
Accents 2021
Neenah High School
Vintage 2018-2021
Tantasqua Regional High School
ENCORE! 2020-2021
John Burroughs High School
Powerhouse 2018-2021
Sound Sensations 2017-2019
Sound Waves 2016-2018
Decibelles 2017
Men@Work 2017-2021
Oceanside High School
Soundwaves 2017-2021
Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
Express 2017-2021
Dolores Huerta Middle School
Madrigals 2016-2021
Diamond Bar High School
Marquis 2020-2021
Carlsbad High School
Sound Express 2016-2021
Encore 2018
American Leadership Academy
Evolution 2017-2020
Lowell High School
Soundsations 2020
Bonita Vista High School
The Music Machine 2018
Sound Unlimited 2016-2020
Fairfield Senior High School
FortissiBROS 2018-2019
Indian Hill High School
Premieres 2017-2019
Altoona Middle School
In Training 2018-2019
Danville High School
Executives 2019
The Executives 2017-2018
Los Altos High School
Production Choir 2016-2018
LA Rhythm 2017
Morgantown High School
Images 2015-2018
Mt. Eden High School
Monarch Mirage 2018
Cosby High School
Spotlight 2018
Katella High School
The Wild Cards 2017
Vista High School
Showcats 2016-2017
Tom Cats 2017
Sturgeon Bay High School
City Rhythm 2017


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