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Susia Ruddell
Susia Ruddell is a freelance show choir choreographer and show designer living in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico where she studied dance, show design, and adolescent development. Her refreshing choreography, keen eye for show design, and strong teaching ability to shape confident young performers makes her an asset to the creative team at Los Altos High School. She works all around the country designing, choreographing, and teaching performance skills to hundreds of students every year at various middle schools and high schools. Her passion to build a community within the performing arts has made her a leader in building programs across the region. Susia has led show choirs to win national titles, awards such as “Best Choreography” and “Best Show Design”, and created her own dance program, summer dance camp, and show choir camp. Susia is a firm believer in being genuine and working hard in all that you do and hopes to instill that in all of her students.


Eisenhower Middle School
Five Star 2014-2018
Starburst 2014-2017
Mike and Ikes 2015-2017


Carlsbad High School
Sound Express 2019-2020
Encore 2017-2020
La Cueva High School
Main Street 2019-2020
5th Avenue 2019-2020
Oceanside High School
Soundwaves 2018-2020
High Seas 2020
Los Altos High School
Prestige 2019
Production Choir 2018
LA Rhythm 2018-2019
Altoona High School
Locomotion 2018-2019
Altoona Middle School
In Training 2018-2019
Neenah High School
Vintage 2018-2019
Mt. Eden High School
Monarch Mirage 2018-2019
Hart High School
Hartbreakers 2019
Sweetharts 2018
Boulder Creek High School
Broadway Bound 2018
Heart & Soul 2018
Eisenhower Middle School
Five Star 2014-2018
Starburst 2014-2017
Mike and Ikes 2015-2017
Placerita Junior High School
Major Minors 2018


 Tantasqua Show Choir Spectacular 2018
 Altoona Locopalooza 2018


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