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Kevin Butler
We do not have any extended information about this individual.


Columbus East High School
New Sensation 1991
Lafayette Jefferson High School
First Edition 1985-1988


 Columbus East Show Choir Games - CANCELLED 2020
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2017
 Center Grove Best of the Midwest (Day Two) 2015
 Findlay FEst 2015
 New Mexico Showfest 2014
 Twinsburg Northcoast Invitational 2014
 Dekalb Show Choir Invitational 2014
 Findlay FEst 2014
 Findlay FEst 2013
 Danville Midwest Classic 2011
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2010
 Twinsburg Northcoast Invitational 2010
 Danville Midwest Classic 2010
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2009
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2009
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2008
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2008
 Hart Encore 2007
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2007
 Findlay FEst 2006
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2006
 Findlay FEst 2005
 Huntington North Midwest Showcase 2004
 Carroll Classic 2004
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 1992
 Mt. Zion Show Choir Invitational 1990
 Logan Invitational 1990


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