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Marty DeMott
Marty DeMott has been choreographing competitive show choirs at the College, High School, and Junior High levels for more than 30 years, having worked with more than 50 individual groups, many of which have been awarded numerous Grand Champion and Best Choreography awards. He has also served as Guest Choreographer for All-State Show Choir workshops in Arizona, Alabama, Illinois, and Mississippi and for camps in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin, including 16 years on staff with Show Choir Camps of America. In addition, Marty has adjudicated more than 200 competitions in his career, including events for Showstoppers, FAME, Show Choir Nationals, and at many high schools throughout the country.


Edgewood High School
Music Warehouse 2014-2015
Sophisticated Ladies 2014-2015
New Edition 2008-2020
Lafayette Jefferson High School
First Edition 2014
Expressions 2019
A Cappella 2017
Edgewood Junior High School
Mini Warehouse 2007-2019
Center Stage 2016-2019
Lebanon High School
Charisma 2018
Whiteland Community High School
Rhythm Masters 1997-2016
Franklin Community High School
Heritage Singers 2014
Center Grove High School
Sound System 1983-2001
Swing Mates 1982
Surround Sound 2012-2014
Avon High School
Accents 2010
Pike High School
Encores 2009
Chesterton High School
Sandpipers 2007
Drifters 2007
Fairfield Senior High School
Choraliers 2006
Davenport Central High School
Central Singers, Inc. 2004-2005
Davenport North High School
Northside Establishment 2005
Brownsburg High School
Spotlight Singers & Company 2004-2005
Starlight Voices 2004-2005
Columbus East High School
Center Stage 2005
Spanish Fork High School
Ambassadors 2005
Enterprise High School
Encores 2004
Solon High School
Music in Motion 1994
Holmen High School
Midwest Express 1990-1992
Southbridge High School
Crimson Classics 1990
Oliver Ames High School
Panache 1990


 Brownsburg Bulldog Spectacular 2020
 Mooresville Spotlighter Invitational 2020
 Homestead Classic Showcase 2020
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2020
 Northrop Classique 2020
 Hurricane Red Hot Championship 2020
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2020
 Los Alamitos Xtravaganza 2019
 Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic 2019
 Bishop Luers Midwest Show Choir Invitational 2019
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2019
 Northrop Classique 2019
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2019
 Heart of America Orlando 2018
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2018
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2018
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2018
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2018
 Los Alamitos Xtravaganza (Day Three) 2017
 Los Alamitos Xtravaganza (Day Two) 2017
 Bishop Luers Midwest Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2017
 Bishop Luers Midwest Show Choir Invitational (Day One) 2017
 Heart of America Chicago 2017
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2017
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2017
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2016
 Bishop Luers Midwest Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2016
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2016
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2016
 Findlay FEst 2016
 FAME Orlando #1 2015
 Bishop Luers Midwest Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2015
 Dekalb Show Choir Invitational 2015
 Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic (Day Two) 2014
 Lafayette Jefferson Xtreme Show Choir Showdown 2014
 Dekalb Show Choir Invitational 2014
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational (Day Two) 2014
 FAME Orlando (#2) 2013
 Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic (Day Two) 2013
 Bishop Luers Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2013
 Dekalb Show Choir Invitational 2013
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational (Day Two) 2013
 Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic (Day Two) 2012
 Center Grove Best of the Midwest 2012
 FAME Chicago 2010
 Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic 2010
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2010
 Troy Buchanan Show Choir Invitational 2010
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2010
 Ada Music Feast 2009
 FAME New York 2009
 Totino Grace Show Choir Spectacular 2009
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2009
 DeKalb Show Choir Invitational 2009
 FAME Chicago 2008
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2008
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2008
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2008
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2008
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2007
 Sullivan Show Choir Invitational 2007
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2007
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2007
 Findlay FEst 2006
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2006
 Ada Music Feast 2005
 Edgewood Contest of Champions 2005
 Showstoppers New York City 2005
 Mt. Zion Midwest Invitational 2005
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2005
 Showstoppers Chicago 2004
 John Hersey Chicagoland Showcase 2000
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2000
 Onalaska Show Choir Classic 1993


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