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Julie Wood
Mrs. Julie Elder Wood has been the choral director at Anderson High School since the 2010-2011 school year. She was the first director in the newly consolidated high school after Anderson Community Schools closed Highland High School. Knowing that she would be teaching students from both show choir programs she decided to rename both competitive show choirs. Thus the 2011 season was the first season for Vocal Elegance, the women’s show choir, and Vocal Infusion, the mixed show choir.

Mrs. Wood is originally from Des Moines, Iowa where the bulk of her family still lives. She transferred to Anderson University from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance. After starting a family she returned to Anderson University to earn the credits needed to apply for a teaching license.

Not only has Mrs. Wood taught high school but she has also spent 7 years at the middle school choral level and 2 years in the elementary general music classroom. However, this teaching assignment has been her favorite. She enjoys the challenges and creativity of show choir and making musical memories in all her choirs. However what she enjoys the most is seeing her students grow and mature over the 4 years in her classroom. It is amazing to watch a shy and insecure student break out into someone completely different on and off the stage.

When not at school with her students which is really very rare, Mrs. Wood can be found with her husband David and her fur baby Phoebe. She is also the mother of 4 amazing grown children, Emily, Jordan, Ashlen and Brielle. She loves to travel especially to places that include water. Her favorite place to be is at her family’s lake home in Iowa with her husband and kids, her mom and brother and his family.


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