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Anita Cracauer
We do not have any extended information about this individual.


 Manchester Koste Classic 2019
 Cedar Rapids Washington Mo Show 2019
 Fairfield Crystal Classic 2017
 Emmetsburg Extravaganza 2014
 Cedar Rapids Washington Mo Show 2013
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy Raise the Roof! 2013
 SoCal Performance Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2012
 SoCal Performance Show Choir Invitational (Day One) 2012
 Emmetsburg Extravaganza Show Choir Invitational 2012
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy Raise the Roof! 2011
 Cedar Rapids Kennedy Raise the Roof! 2010
 Altoona Locopalooza 2010
 Milton Choralation Invitational 2010
 Sioux City East Sing All About It 2008
 Waconia Star Power 2008
 Urbandale Show Choir Invitational (Day Two) 2008
 Urbandale Show Choir Invitational (Day One) 2008
 Milton Choralation Invitational 2007


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