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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2012 Season > Emmetsburg Extravaganza Show Choir Invitational 2012

Event Info

March 3rd, 2012

Venue Info

Emmetsburg High School
205 King Street
Emmetsburg, IA 50536

Phone: (712) 852-2966

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  26 Mixed Groups
  2 Womens Groups


  Emmetsburg "High Voltage"
  Emmetsburg "Black and Gold"


  Steve Woodin

  Brent Peterson

  Storm Ziegler

  Bob Anderson

  Anita Cracauer

  Brett Fuelberth

  Jill Anderson

  C.J Koerselma


Ticket prices unknown.


Emmetsburg Extravaganza Show Choir Invitational 2012

Event Site
Live Stream


Groups in order of placement

 Dowling Catholic High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 
Best Female Soloist 

 O'Gorman High School
First Runner Up 

 Valley High School
Second Runner Up 

 Ultimate Image
 Grand Island Senior High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Des Moines Lincoln High School
4th Runner Up 
Best Male Soloist 
Spirit Award 

 Classic Connection
 Sioux Falls Washington High School
5th Runner Up 

 Sumner-Fredericksburg High School
6th Runner Up 

Mixed Division - Tier I (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Mixed Division - Tier II

Groups in order of placement

 O'Gorman High School
First Place 

 Crimson & Black
 LeMars Community High School
Second Place 

 Sadie Street Singers
 Anamosa High School
Third Place 

 Tiger Drive
 Marshall High School
4th Place 

 Music Factory
 Spirit Lake High School
5th Place 

 Carroll High School
6th Place 

 State Street Singers
 Waseca High School
7th Place 

 Avocado Heights
 Forest City High School
8th Place 

Mixed Division - Tier III

Groups in order of performance

 Show Choir

 Alta-Aurelia High School
Placement Unknown 


 Pocahontas Area High School
Placement Unknown 

 Gael Show Choir

 St. Edmond Jr/Sr High School
Placement Unknown 


 Sheldon High School
Placement Unknown 


 Sioux Center High School
Placement Unknown 


 Sumner-Fredericksburg High School
Placement Unknown 

Mixed Division - Tier IV

Groups in order of performance


 Laurens-Marathon High School
Placement Unknown 

 Code Blue

 North Sentral Kossuth High School
Placement Unknown 

 Show Choir

 Boyden-Hull High School
Placement Unknown 

Womens Division


 O'Gorman High School
First Place 

 Indianola High School
Second Place 

Prep Division


 Flip Side
 Indianola High School
First Place 

 Des Moines Lincoln High School
Second Place 

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jazming on Mar 6, 2012, 5:29 AM
Post #22
Emmetsburg was a fantastic competition with by the way, very good looking boys in their show choir, but BESIDES THAT, Iowa brought it! Can't wait to hopefully return next year! So worth the 6 hour drive!


ehawkvocal on Mar 5, 2012, 11:46 PM
Post #21
Thanks to all the groups who attended our 19th Extravaganza! Once again, the day was filled with some fantastic performances and a lot of great crowd support. There were a lot of performers in our complex on Saturday, and the reason it worked was the great attitude present from all and a whole lot of nice people. Once again- our sincerest thanks to all who attended!!

The Ethan Price on Mar 4, 2012, 9:47 PM (Edited)
Post #20
Alright. This is going to be long. Feel free to ignore this. My opinions, yadda yadda.

I saw every single group in the gym beginning at 8:05 AM until the last group around 10:00 PM. It was a full day of show choir… and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Non Finalists:

Forest City “Avocado Heights”. Your show was one of the most enjoyable of the day, at least for me. Your song choices were fantastic and included many songs that I personally love. Also, I love that you did Tangled’s “I See the Light” for your ballad. For such a small group, you had great energy up there! Keep up the good work!

Albert Lea “CATaclysmic”. Your show is one of those that people just love. It’s fun, energetic, and pleasing to watch. Your performers are obviously having a great time up there. You can tell you’re not worried about winning a GC, all you’re focused on is doing your best, having fun, and getting the audience involved in your show. And you did.

Spirit Lake “Music Factory”. The Glee version of ‘Somebody to Love’ is fantastic. One of my personal favorites of the year. The girl soloist at the end of the song is just amazing with her big, booming voice. It is an amazing way to start out your set. I also really love the blue on the guys and red on the girls, the colors just pop and create a great image on stage. The a capella ballad of One Republic’s ‘Apologize’ is also a crowd pleasure. The guy who beat boxes through it is great – props to him! You guys have a great show!

Indianola “Sidewayz”. I’m not usually one for women’s groups but you guys had a very enjoyable show. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” was the ballad that my group did at SCA and it’s such a powerful song! I loved it.

O’Gorman “Knightlights”. You ladies were great! One of the better womens groups I’ve ever seen. Taylor the Latte Boy was hilarious. Congratulations on first place in women’s!
Des Moines Lincoln “Omega”. One of the things I had written was great band. Most of the groups during day had troubles with their band overpowering their vocals, but your band enhanced your vocals. Shout was a very exciting closer.

Indianola “Flip Side”. I had a big ‘FUN’ written in my program. For a prep group, you guys were very entertaining to watch. The way you opened was very fun. Congratulations on first place in prep!

Carroll “Swingsations”. One thing I had written down was great guy sound. It was very impressive. I really enjoyed the opener mix of Separate Ways/Harder to Breathe, two songs that I love separately. The duet in the ballad was beautiful. One thing I noticed was a lot of individual mistakes. Usually in a show there are always a couple of people who mess up, it’s not a big deal. But I counted at least 20 individual mistakes and there were also a lot of people looking around at others to see what moves come next. Jerad Voss and Stephan Todd gave you great choreography, keep working on it and you guys will have a fantastic show.

Waseca “State Street Swingers”. Another people pleasing show. The opening was very creative, the vocals were very good, and the band really emphasized your show. It was a personal favorite of the day for me.

Anamosa “Sadie Street Singers”. I was ridiculously impressed with you guys. The first half of your show was great and I wrote “Darkhorse”. The diction was very good and you could tell you have worked on it. The second of your show dropped energy a bit but it was still a very pleasant surprise to see you guys!

Indianola “Side One”. Another very pleasant surprise! One thing I noticed about you guys was you had a lot of ‘hand choreography”. Your arms were doing one thing, but it didn’t stop there. The movement of your hands really added to the overall picture. Joe Krapfl, the nerd in Brotherhood of Man was fantastic. He had the whole gym rolling laughing. Just a great show overall.

Marshall “Tiger Drive”. You had a banging show. Eh, eh, see what I did there? The drum theme was very fun. You were the last competitive show choir in the day time and you had the audience dancing with the drum solos. It was great!

LeMars “Crimson and Black”. What can I say? I love you guys. The choreography isn’t flashy, but its super clean. Jennifer Toney gave you guys great concept stuff to work with. Kim, your solo in the Jackson 5 megamix is just crazy, you definitely don’t sound like a tiny white girl. The vocals in Africa are beautiful. Nick, your solo in “Distance You have Come” is amazing and the choir supporting you is beautiful. “Sing” is my favorite song of the year. Nate, your inability to sing as the soloist is hilarious. You are a great actor up there. You had the whole gym laughing. I’m so proud of you all. Don’t hang your heads because you didn’t make finals. The fact that you were tied for a finals spot when the competition was this high caliber is something to be proud of. Work on your show and bring it at Mitchell!

I was talking to a few LeMars students before daytime awards and they were poking fun at me when I wrote down what places I thought people were going to get and who was going to make finals. But when I correctly placed every single group, even calling the tie between LeMars and Des Moines Lincoln, they were in shock (as was I haha).


Sumner-Frederiksburg “Sensations”. You guys are not 2A. Okay, so you technically are. But your vocals are definitely not. I was blown away by the intensity and power of your vocals. Your show was clean and fun and extremely enjoyable. I definitely understand why you dominated in the auditorium. It was such a pleasure to watch your show and congrats on your finish!

Grand Island Senior High “Ultimate Image”. I’m not sure many competitions start on as high of a note as this one did because of you guys. You had to perform at 8:05 in the morning but that did NOTHING to hold you back. Your vocals were absolutely beautiful. “Sandman” was an audience favorite, the mood ring song was hilarious (And yes, I know the type of girls you were singing about ;) . Your group is full of great performers, especially two guys up front (one short hair and one with a kinda bieberish haircut) that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Amazing performers. Stephan Todd has given you amazing choreography and you guys perform it so well. I can’t even imagine the type of day you had, performing at 8 in the morning and then again over 12 hours later. But your show didn’t disappoint in finals and when people heard you were from all the way in Grand Island they were in shock that you were the first group. Congratulations on your finish and you definitely have a fan in me!

Sioux Falls O’Gorman “Ovation”. Last year, your show was one of my favorites. And you definitely didn’t disappoint this year. Masquerade/Façade is one of my favorite songs. Some people don’t like the song in the show choir are, but I love it. The vocals were gorgeous throughout your show. The trumpet VS saxophone in the second song were great, definitely showcasing the instrumental talent you have. And at the end of that song when the girls without guy partners fall because they’re sad – I lol’d. Like Breathing is such a great ballad. And you guys did not disappoint. I had goosebumps throughout. Beautiful. The acrobatics in the second half of the show were great, your guys definitely have talent. One thing I really loved was the dance break in the closer. How you’re going, and then you switch to slow motion, and then you go full speed again. Congratulations on your finish!

Sioux Falls Washington “Classic Connection”. I first saw you guys my senior year of high school and I fell in love (the show with the jump ropes and the guys dressed as old ladies). The last couple of years have been disappointing, but this show definitely makes up for it. Such a big set with all the different levels you bring onto the stage. One thing I felt about you guys was that your show was too big. It’s like your director was almost trying too hard to be good. But it didn’t take away from your show much at all. Beautiful vocals, great choreography, and amazing performers. Welcome back

Dowling Catholic “Dimensions”. I first saw you guys my junior year of high school at this very competition. I loved your show then and I loved your show now. I really love the way you begin your show – great visual. “Orange Colored Sky”.. SONG REPEATER. When we competed against you junior year, you did this song Though I prefer the choreography of yesteryear, your vocals were just so beautiful. “Never, Neverland.” Your soloist definitely deserved best female soloist. Basically your show was one that people can sit back and enjoy every aspect of it. Top notch vocals, super clean choreography, and wonderful performers. Congratulations on your grand championship. You deserved it.

Des Moines Lincoln “Infinity”. You were one of two groups that I felt had a much better finals performance than daytime performance. Everything about your night show was, well, better than daytime. You definitely stepped it up. “Walking her Home.” The arrangement is so different from what we’ve all YouTubed. And I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying it. Until the climax, I sat back, closed my eyes, and listened to the song. And I have to tell you, you made me tear up. Both times. Absolutely stunning – no other word can describe it. And the soloist, definitely 100% without a doubt deserved best male soloist. Probably one of the best soloists I have ever, ever seen in my life. Congratulations on your finals spot! Oh, and fun story: Emmetsburg does this thing where if you give a dollar, the announcer will give a “shout out” for you. And one of the guys in the group gave a “shout out” asking a girl from the group to prom. AWWWWWWWWWWWWE.

West Des Moines Valley “Choralation”. I wrote a big “IDK” after daytime. I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the show. It was sung well, very clean, creative pictures, awesome energy… everything a good show should have. But the mood of it and song choice just left me with an odd feeling. I still had you as right behind Dowling, but I wasn’t sure if I actually liked the show or not. And then in finals, you killed it. You were the other group I felt got way better in finals. The vocals were intense, the choreography perfect, the pictures spot on, and the energy was through the roof. I don’t know what it was about your finals performance but it grabbed me in and I was rocking right with you all. It’s a different show but you all perform it so well. You may not be finishing where you believe you deserve, but don’t hang your heads. The show is amazing. Also, Jared Newman is a killer performer.

Before finals I had it:
1. Dowling
2. Valley
3. O’Gorman
5. Sioux Falls Washington
t6. Des Moines Lincoln
t6. LeMars

After Finals I had it:
1. Valley
2. Dowling
3. O’Gorman
5. Des Moines Lincoln
6. Sioux Falls Washington
7. Sumner Frederiksberg

A couple things I noticed that were common throughout the groups in daytime:
1. The bands often covered up the vocals, making it hard to understand words.
2. Lack of diction. I think there was one group that the diction was really great throughout the whole show.
3. Amazing performers. This isn’t new, but usually there are a handful of amazing performers and the rest are good to mediocre. But yesterday, it was like every single person of the majority of the groups deserved to be in the front row. It created an unbelievable energy.
4. Women’s dresses are getting more complex every year it seems. There were some wild ones yesterday!

Emmetsburg is probably my favorite competition ever. The atmosphere is so welcoming and really provides a stage to not just compete, but to work together and encourage each other to be the best you can be. Thank you, Mr. Fog for creating an event that people leave feeling even better than they did when they came.

Oh! And to Emmetsburg “High Voltage”. I sat with a few of your members all day. Hilarious guys who definitely made my awesome day even better. But watching you before finals awards… You gave a grand championship performance. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a gym so loud. The crowd loved you and the way you performed… well, I saw you at state and thought you were fabulous, and this performance blew that one out of the water. Beautiful vocals, clean choreography, and UNBELIEVABLE energy. Congratulations on hosting such a memorable event!

It was an amazing day. Congratulations to everyone on your finishes and good luck on the rest of your seasons!

The Ethan Price on Mar 4, 2012, 6:58 AM (Edited)
Post #19
Emmetsburg Invitational


1. West Des Moines Dowling Catholic
2. West Des Moines Valley
3. Grand Island Senior High
4. Sioux Falls Washington
5. Des Moines Lincoln
6. Indianola
7. Albert Lea

1. Sioux Falls O'Gorman
2. LeMars
3. Anamosa
4. Marshall
5. Spirit Lake
6. Carroll
7. Waseca
8. Forest City

1A/2A Champion (Automatic bid to the finals): Sumner-Frederiksburg (Best Choreography and Best Vocals from Auditorium).
-I don't have the rest of the 1A/2A placings. Sorry

1. Sioux Falls O'Gorman "Knightlights"
2. Indianola "Sidewayz"

1. Indianola "Flip Side"
2. Des Moines Lincoln "Omega"


Grand Champion: West Des Moines Dowling Catholic "Dimensions"
First Runner Up: Sioux Falls O'Gorman "Ovation"
Second Runner Up: West Des Moines Valley "Choralation"
Third Runner Up: Grand Island Senior High "Ultimate Image"
Fourth Runner Up: Des Moines Lincoln "Infinity"
Fifth Runner Up: Sioux Falls Washington "Classic Connection"
Sixth Runner Up: Sumner-Frederiksburg "Sensations"

Best Vocals: West Des Moines Dowling Catholic
Best Choreography: West Des Moines Dowling Catholic
Best Band: West Des Moines Dowling Catholic
Best Male Soloist: Caleb Peterson - Des Moines Lincoln
Best Female Soloist: Kiersten Tipping - West Des Moines Dowling Catholic
Spirit Award: Des Moines Lincoln

*LeMars and Des Moines Lincoln tied for the sixth finalist spot. The tie was broken with vocal score, which Des Moines Lincoln won by two points.

What I day. I arrived at the school at 7:30 AM and left at 11:00 PM. I will have a full report on the day tomorrow when I wake up!

Andy08 on Mar 4, 2012, 3:45 AM (Edited)
Post #18
All I know is Dowling was 1st and Valley was 2nd in the day... if anyone wanted to know

The Ethan Price on Mar 3, 2012, 11:26 AM
Post #17
Leaving my house in about 15 minutes to head to this one! Good luck to everyone!

RDK_423 on Mar 2, 2012, 1:03 PM
Post #16
Be sure to come watch GISH at 8:05!!!

The Ethan Price on Mar 1, 2012, 1:21 AM
Post #15
This competition is going to be so insane. Valley was the favorite in my eyes based on past years and their decent finish at Waukee but this weekend Dowling had a very strong showing and made a good case as to why they have a good chance to take the GC. But honestly I don't think these two groups are guaranteed the GC and 1RU spots as many other groups could contend. This is going to be a very close and exciting competition.

My (going to be wrong) predictions:

GC. West Des Moines Dowling
1RU. West Des Moines Valley
2RU. Sioux Falls O'Gorman
3RU. Sioux Falls Washington
4RU. LeMars
5RU. Grand Island Senior
6RU. Sumner-Frederiksberg or Sheldon.

I'm giving Dowling the nod in my predictions after their showing this past weekend, defeating Bloomington Kennedy. Valley hasn't competed since Waukee (to my knowledge) so they've had a long time to get ready for this one, so they could easily move up in my predictions.
O'Gorman isn't what they were last year, but I still expect them to do pretty well.
SuFuWa is up from last year and I think are very, very similar to LeMars and GISH. But with the performance times, I'm giving the nod to SuFuWa.
I think that performance times will hurt LeMars and GISH. They will be at the competition close to the same time that other groups are waking up/leaving. Because of their performance times, they could struggle to even make finals. But I believe they still will. But they will be performing in finals almost 12 hours after they perform for the first time and I just fear this will get to their heads/bodies and hurt them.
Sumner Frederiksberg is my favorite for the 2A champion as their group has been great the past few years, but don't count out Sheldon. They have a great show this year for a relatively unknown 2A group.

I think that top to bottom, this is going to be a very close competition. Indianola, Carroll, Des Moines Lincoln, and Marshall all have a great chance for finals too so I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of them jump into the mix. 11 groups and only 7 finals spots. This competition is going to be great.

Come find me and say hi! I'll be there!

MidwestSingerdude on Feb 27, 2012, 12:17 AM
Post #14
Now that most of these groups have performed, I'm going to make a (probably wrong) finals prediction:

GC: WDM Valley
1RU: Dowling Catholic
2RU: O'Gorman
4RU: Le Mars
5RU: SF Washington
6RU: Sumner-Frederiksberg


ehawkvocal on Feb 26, 2012, 8:16 PM
Post #13
Emmetsburg "Extravaganza" -March 3, 2012
Final Schedule:

Performance Schedule -gym
8:05 Grand Island "Ultimate Image" AAAA
8:30 Forest City “Avocodo Heights” AAA
8:55 Albert Lea “CATaclysmic” AAAA
9:20 LeMars “Crimson and Black AAA


10:00 Spirit Lake “Spirit Lake Music Factory” AAA
10:25 Indianola “Sidewayz” Single-Gender Prep
10:50 O’Gorman “Knightlights” Single-Gender Prep
11:15 DM Lincoln “Omega” Mixed Prep
11:40 Indianola “Flip Side” Mixed Prep


1:00 Carroll “Swingsations” AAA
1:25 Waseca “State Street Swingers” AAA
1:50 O’Gorman “Ovation” AAA
2:15 Anamosa “Sadie Street Singers” AAA
2:40 Sioux Falls Washington “Classic Connection” AAAA

3:05 Break

3:20 WDM Valley "Choralation” AAAA
3:45 Indianola “Side One” AAAA
4:10 DM Lincoln "Infinity” AAAA
4:35 Dowling Catholic AAAA
5:00 Marshall “Tiger Drive Show Choir” AAA
Ex. Emmetsburg “Black and Gold” 5:25

Class Competition Awards Presentation 5:45
Announcement of Finals Qualifiers*

Performance Schedule-Auditorium
8:00 Spirit Lake- Vocal Jazz
8:30 Alta-Aurelia -Vocal Jazz
9:00 Sheldon “Vocal Fusion -Vocal Jazz
9:30 Break
9:45 Laurens-Marathon “L-M Impulse”- A
10:15 North Sentral Kossuth “Code Blue” -A
10:45 Boyden-Hull -A
11:15 Marshall “Momentum” -Middle School
11:45 Spirit Lake- Middle School
12:15 Emmetsburg “Evolution” -Middle School


1:00-Announce Middle School Awards

1:30 Alta-Aurelia AA
2:00 Pocahontas Area ‘Showstoppers” AA
2:30 St. Edmond AA
3:00 - Break
3:20 Sheldon “Impact” -AA
3:50 Sioux Center “Satisfaction” AA
4:20 Sumner-Frederiksburg “Sensations” AA

5:00 -Announce Vocal Jazz/1A/2A Awards and Finals Qualifier

Finalist I – 1A-2A Champion 7:00
Finalist II 7:25
Finalist III 7:50
Finalist IV 8:15
Finalist V 8:40
Finalist VI 9:05
Finalist VII 9:30
Emmetsburg “High Voltage” 9:55

RDK_423 on Feb 10, 2012, 5:01 PM
Post #12
GISH Performs at 8AM!!! Come watch!!!!

MidwestSingerdude on Feb 9, 2012, 12:02 AM
Post #11
I am SUPER excited to come to this competition! It'll be my first competition as an alumni but it'll be fun to be on the other side! Emmetsburg was always a great place - very home-like with great hospitality. And with the groups this year, it'll sure to be a GREAT time!

I'm going to throw out some VERY EARLY predictions on finalists:

(In random order):
WDM Valley
Le Mars
Dowling Catholic
GISH (if they actually are coming, which I hope they do!)
Sumner-Fred (Winner of the auditorium)

Like I said, these are just totally random predictions. I think most of these groups haven't even competed yet this year, therefore my thoughts could change.

Ugh, can't wait!

RDK_423 on Feb 8, 2012, 5:18 AM
Post #10
Awesome now I really can't wait!!!

The Ethan Price on Feb 8, 2012, 4:38 AM
Post #9

QUOTE (Reangkier423 @ Feb 08 2012, 01:39 AM) *

Me Too!!! But the drive is like 6 hours from GI....

It will be worth it. Mr. Fog runs a fantastic competition at Emmetsburg. And the food is always MMMMMazing. It was always one of my favorite competitions when I was in high school. Plus I'll be there.

RDK_423 on Feb 8, 2012, 1:39 AM
Post #8
Me Too!!! But the drive is like 6 hours from GI....

The Ethan Price on Feb 7, 2012, 11:26 PM
Post #7

QUOTE (Reangkier423 @ Feb 07 2012, 08:57 PM) *

I think now Grand Island Senior High is going due to the canceling of Lincoln Southwest!!! Can't wait to perform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be a great addition to an already wonderful schedule! I can't wait to attend this competition!

RDK_423 on Feb 7, 2012, 8:57 PM
Post #6
I think now Grand Island Senior High is going due to the canceling of Lincoln Southwest!!! Can't wait to perform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ehawkvocal on Jan 28, 2012, 10:24 PM
Post #5
Performance Schedule-gym
March 3, 2012

Class School Performance
3A Forest City “Avocodo Heights” 8:30
4A Albert Lea “CATaclysmic” 8:55
3A LeMars “Crimson and Black 9:20
3A Spirit Lake “Spirit Lake Music Factory” 9:45

Break 10:10
Prep Indianola “Sidewayz” 10:25
Prep O’Gorman “Knightlights” 10:50
Prep DM Lincoln “Omega” 11:15
Prep Indianola “Flip Side” 11:40

3A Carroll “Swingsations” 1:00
3A Waseca “State Street Swingers” 1:25
3A O’Gorman “Ovation” 1:50
3A Anamosa “Sadie Street Singers” 2:15
4A Sioux Falls Washington “Classic Connection” 2:40

Break 3:05

4A WDM Valley "Choralation” 3:20
4A Indianola “Side One” 3:45
4A DM Lincoln "Infinity” 4:10
4A Dowling Catholic 4:35
3A Marshall “Tiger Drive Show Choir” 5:00
Ex. Emmetsburg “Black and Gold” 5:25
Class Competition Awards Presentation 5:45 Announcement of Finals Qualifiers*

Performance Schedule-Auditorium
March 3, 2012

Class School Performance
VJ Spirit Lake 8:00
VJ Alta-Aurelia 8:30
VJ Sheldon “Vocal Fusion 9:00

Break 9:30
1A Laurens-Marathon “L-M Impulse” 9:45
1A North Sentral Kossuth “Code Blue” 10:15
1A Boyden-Hull 10:45
MS Marshall “Momentum” 11:15
MS Spirit Lake 11:45
MS Emmetsburg “Evolution” 12:15


2A Alta-Aurelia 1:30
2A Pocahontas Area ‘Showstoppers” 2:00
2A St. Edmond 2:30

Announce Middle School Awards 3:00
2A Sheldon “Impact” 3:20
2A Sioux Center “Satisfaction” 3:50
2A Sumner-Frederiksburg “Sensations” 4:20

Announce Vocal Jazz/1A/2A Awards and Finals Qualifier 5:00

Finalist I – 1A-2A Champion 7:00
Finalist II 7:25
Finalist III 7:50
Finalist IV 8:15
Finalist V 8:40
Finalist VI 9:05
Emmetsburg “High Voltage” 9:30

juliofrommississippi on Dec 13, 2011, 5:57 AM
Post #4
Wow. That's going to be a nice, and really even line up. This is ANYBODY's to win. And a great panel of judges, too.


ehawkvocal on Dec 12, 2011, 10:20 PM
Post #3
Emmetsburg “Extravaganza” Show Choir Invitational - March 3, 2012
The “Extravaganza” will be hosted in two centers this year.

Auditorium (Middle School, 1A, 2A, Vocal Jazz)
North Kossuth

Sioux Center
St. Edmond (Fort Dodge)

Vocal Jazz
Spirit Lake

Middle School
Spirit Lake

South Gym (Middle School, 3A, 4A, Prep,)

Des Moines Lincoln -Mixed
O’Gorman Womens
Indianola – Mixed
Indianola – Womens

Forest City
O’Gorman (Sioux Falls)
Spirit Lake

Albert Lea
Dowling Catholic
Lincoln (Des Moines)
Valley (West Des Moines)
Washington (Sioux Falls)

Adjudicators are: Steve Woodin, Brent Peterson, Storm Zeigler, Bob Anderson, Jill Anderson, Anita Cracauer, Brett Fuelberth, and C.J. Koerselman,

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