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We do not yet have a list of groups that will be attending this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2022 Season > Wahoo Court Of Champions 2022

Event Info

February 19th, 2022

Venue Info

Wahoo High School
2201 N. Locust
Wahoo, NE 68066

Phone: (402) 443-4332

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  13 Mixed Groups
  2 Womens Groups


  Wahoo "Royalty"
  Wahoo "Majesty"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Wahoo Court Of Champions 2022

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I

Groups in order of performance


 Waverly High School
9:00 AM 

 Limited Edition

 Beatrice High School
11:00 AM 


 Seward High School
1:15 PM 

 Out Of The Blue

 Plattsmouth High School
1:40 PM 


 Lincoln High School
2:10 PM 

 Voices 'N Harmony

 Lincoln Northeast High School
2:35 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier II

Groups in order of performance


 Atlantic High School
12:00 PM 


 Fort Calhoun Senior High School
3:00 PM 

 Fast Lane

 Glenwood Community High School
3:50 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier III

Groups in order of performance

 Royal Blues

 Centennial Jr/Sr High School
10:40 AM 

 Scarlet Knights

 Bishop Neumann High School
12:50 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier IV

 Homegrown Harmonies

 Dundy County Stratton Jr/Sr High School
3:25 PM 

Womens Division

Groups in order of performance


 Glenwood Community High School
9:40 AM 


 Lincoln Northeast High School
10:00 AM 

Prep Division

 First Edition

 Beatrice High School
9:20 AM 

Attending This Event: displaying 2 of 2 members  



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Jeff. on Jan 11, 2022, 1:04 AM
Post #1
11:20 am - Majesty exhibition
4:15 pm - Royalty
5:00 pm - Daytime Awards
6:30 pm - Finals #1
7:00 pm - Finals #2
7:30 pm - Finals #3
8:00 pm - Finals #4
8:30 pm - Finals #5
9:00 pm - Finals #6
9:45 pm - Final Awards


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