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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2021 Season > Olentangy Keynote Classic 2021

Event Info

March 20th, 2021

Venue Info

Olentangy High School
675 Lewis Center Rd.
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Phone: (740) 657-4100

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  7 Mixed Groups
  2 Womens Groups
  2 Mens Groups
  4 Middle School Groups


  Olentangy "Keynotes"
  Olentangy "She-Notes"


  Nancy Slife Benko

  Mike Crandall

  Shawn Miller

  Shane Coe

  Eric J. Hayes, Jr.

Ticket Prices:

All tickets must be pre-ordered, there will be no ticket sales at the door.

Each choir director was provided a link to purchase tickets for their schools performance. Please contact your director if you have not received the link.

$5 Live Stream


Olentangy Keynote Classic 2021

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division


 First Edition
 Findlay High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 

 Swingers Unlimited
 Marysville High School
Second Place 
Best Choreography 

 Fairfield Senior High School
Third Place 
Best Soloist (Nate Conklin) 

 Encore Entertainment Company
 Medina High School
4th Place 
Best Band 

 The All Americans
 ETC School of Musical Arts
5th Place 

 Harding Singers
 Marion Harding High School
6th Place 

Single-Gender Division


 Fairfield Senior High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 

 Pure Elegance
 Fairfield Senior High School
Second Place 
Best Band 

 Singers Xtreme
 Marion Harding High School
Third Place 

 ETC School of Musical Arts
4th Place 

Middle School Division


 Rhythm Express
 Fairfield Middle School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 

 Mini Swingers
 Bunsold Middle School
Second Place 

 Little Elegance
 Fairfield Middle School
Third Place 
Best Band 

 Main Street Singers
 ETC School of Musical Arts
4th Place 

 Spark of Class
 Jackson Middle School
5th Place 

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Dcornwe on Apr 19, 2021, 7:09 PM
Post #18
Hello, I ordered 2 shirts from this comp and have not received them. Can someone direct me on who I can contact?

Häakon on Apr 20, 2021, 4:50 AM
Post #19
Hi there, provides a handy listing of competition details and results to help promote activities within our community, but we aren't connected to the event directly. However, we do provide links to the official event websites when available (look for "Event Site" in the menu bar above), and the one associated with this event does have a contact page of their own. Here is a direct link for you:

Jeff. on Mar 21, 2021, 3:59 AM
Post #14
This looked to be a very close contest in Tier I. Congrats to FFE and other choirs for great performances tonight. I've already talked a lot about Fairfield's and Marysville's shows in previous posts, so here's some love for Medina and FFE:

Medina - I’ve been such a big fan these past few years. I think the Fortune show put y’all on the radar for me. What I love most about this year’s show is your arrangements. I’m not sure if that’s courtesy of Mr. Skidmore or other folks, but the dynamics y’all have, the integration with the band and choreo, it’s all just *chefs kiss*. Specifically the beginning vocal moment and your ballad. I mean, “Go The Distance” is a somewhat common show choir song, but that way y’all sing it brings it new life and just keeps me engaged. Combining that with the Steven Harris choreography, I really love the product y’all are putting out.

FFE - So your BALLAD. Holy crap, it’s so good??? When can I download it on iTunes? I had assumed it was a Ben Wexler original, but from the reaction of your choir with the judge's award it looks like it was a student composer?? Tell me more. That’s amazing. I also appreciated the Boingers choreography during Blue Suede Shoes and your big tap number at the end. It didn’t look like the jump ropes were on your side this performance, but hey I can’t imagine the hours y’all have put into practicing that specific part of the closer. Great show, I really enjoyed it!

Skidmore on Mar 21, 2021, 11:01 AM
Post #16
Thank you for the kind words - we are always trying to learn and create new things. Our team deserves the credit for the design of our show - Katie Peyton, Tom Bonezzi (who is our primary arranger), and Steven Harris - it really is a wonderfully collaborative effort.


FirstEdition on Mar 21, 2021, 10:16 PM
Post #17
Thank you for the very kind words about our performance! The ballad this year was written by one of the members of our group, along with Ben Wexler. She wrote "Saying Goodbye" as a result of all that happened during the onset of the pandemic last March. And the genius of Ben Wexler composed an additional melody to combine with it, "Open Eyes." We are very proud of the final product, and thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it so much.

casual.kyle on Mar 21, 2021, 4:43 AM
Post #15
So so proud of my AAs and Rougies today! Y’all absolutely killed it out there, and have improved so much from what I got to see earlier this season. I can’t wait to see what you all do when we’re not in a panny


Adamsing on Mar 21, 2021, 2:08 AM
Post #13
Is there a separate live stream for awards, and if so is it free?


crisismgr102308 on Mar 20, 2021, 1:49 PM
Post #10
Is the livestream only for this evening? It says 9 pm?

Jeff. on Mar 20, 2021, 2:48 PM (Edited)
Post #11
I believe whatever issue they were having has now been fixed. It now says 9 am. It's a paid live stream for a $5 fee. It should be for all day access. Hope that helps!


crisismgr102308 on Mar 20, 2021, 3:59 PM
Post #12
Thanks, I had already paid when I was having issues getting on. It worked in time for me to watch Fairfield. Good job Olentangy!


jenineharrison26 on Mar 20, 2021, 3:06 AM
Post #9
So excited to see these results.
Good luck everyone

eljzabeth on Mar 11, 2021, 1:54 AM
Post #4
i was told that this is running as a festival, is this still true?

Jeff. on Mar 11, 2021, 3:44 AM
Post #5
They very well could, I'm not sure. Marysville, which is the next week after Olentangy, is doing festival format with ratings/captions. It's been a common method for this season. Originally, Olentangy was offering a championship division (for placement) and a festival division (for rating), but their posted schedule didn't utilize those divisions so I imagine they might've just moved it all over to festival. I'm sure we'll find out sooner or later.

Get_Ready0203 on Mar 11, 2021, 4:40 PM (Edited)
Post #6
Olentangy is a competition. It was a misunderstanding when we thought it was a festival


Petenmellie on Mar 14, 2021, 2:59 PM
Post #7
I believe Marysville has changed to a competition format now.

Jeff. on Mar 14, 2021, 3:39 PM
Post #8
Apparently so. Things change every other day this season, but hey at least there is a season.

casual.kyle on Mar 10, 2021, 4:27 AM
Post #2
Holy crap, this is majorly stacked. Good luck to everyone competing!

Clovis H on Mar 11, 2021, 1:02 AM
Post #3
I’d love to be able to attend this event in person. Very hard to predict a winner here because of how many quality groups are competing !!!

Jeff. on Mar 10, 2021, 3:53 AM (Edited)
Post #1
The Keynote Classic released their schedule today - and it's a fun one.

Other schedule info:
10:15 pm - She-Notes
10:30 pm - Keynotes
11:00 pm - Virtual Awards


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