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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2021 Season > Central Lee Central Connections Invitational 2021

Event Info

February 27th, 2021

Venue Info

Central Lee High School
2642 Highway 218
Donnellson, IA 52625

Phone: (319) 835-5121

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  12 Mixed Groups
  2 Middle School Groups


  Central Lee "CENTRifugAL Force"
  Central Lee "Adrenaline"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Central Lee Central Connections Invitational 2021

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I


 Onalaska High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 
Best Female Vocalist (Malia McGarry) 

 Mt. Zion High School
Second Place 

Mixed Division - Tier II


 Mt. Pleasant Community High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Band 

 Fort Madison High School
Second Place 

 Vocal Dynamics
 Clear Creek Amana High School
Third Place 

 Purple Harmony
 Keokuk High School
4th Place 

 Sadie Street Singers
 Anamosa High School
5th Place 

Mixed Division - Tier IV

 Keota High School

Prep Division


 Crimson & Black
 Fort Madison High School
First Place 

 Keokuk High School
Second Place 

Prep Division

 Mt. Zion High School

Middle School Division


 Sound System
 Mt. Zion Junior High School
First Place 

 Fort Madison Middle School
Second Place 

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brandburtlow 7 minutes ago
Post #21
1st- Inmotion
2nd- Swingspan
3rd- Purple harmony
That’s all i know

Onapop 8 hours ago
Post #20
Congrats Ona! Great show!

SwingsNathan 10 hours ago
Post #13
Premiere did not compete in the tier 2 division - they were in a different prep division than the other two prep groups, by themselves.

SwingsNathan 10 hours ago (Edited)
Post #14
Sound System won in the middle school division and Fort Madison won in the prep division

willsome429 10 hours ago (Edited)
Post #16
Iowa do be weird like that sometimes. Two prep divisions? I mean I’ve heard of two middle school divisions but can’t recall many instances of two separate prep divisions.

Jeff. 9 hours ago
Post #17
It looks like it's starting to become a thing? I'm not sure. Last week Pella also had separate prep division for the larger schools (4A) compared to everyone else. Our system on SCC does not currently have tiers built into the prep division framework (because we've never needed them), so that's why it looks the way it does right now. Hopefully we don't need them. But if the trend continues, we can re-evaluate.

willsome429 9 hours ago
Post #18

Clovis H 9 hours ago
Post #19


brandburtlow 10 hours ago (Edited)
Post #15
1st- Inmotion (Best Vocals, Best Choreo, Best Band)
2nd- Swingspan
3rd- Vocal Dynamics
4th- Purple Harmony
5th- Sadie Street Singers

1st- Hilltoppers (Best Vocals, Best Band, Best Choreo)
2nd- Swingsations

1st- Christopher Jive and the Uptown 45

1st- EagleRock!

1st- Crimson and Black (Best Choreo, Best vocals, Best Band)
2nd- Vibrations

1st- Premiere

Middle School-
1st- Sound System (Best Band, Best Choreo, Best Vocals)
2nd- Fortissimo


rickymcgarry 10 hours ago
Post #12
Best female soloist was Malia McGarry from Onalaska.


brandburtlow 10 hours ago (Edited)
Post #10

willsome429 10 hours ago
Post #11
GC) Onalaska (BV, BC)
1RU) Mt. Zion

SWINGS.EP 1 day ago
Post #9
We had a great time performing / attending this event! Thank you to all of the Central Lee students, and volunteers that helped run this event on Friday. Felt great to get back on stage again. Thank you for having us!

SwingsJadon on Feb 18, 2021, 1:47 AM
Post #4
Swingsations will be competing in tier 1 mixed and premiere in tier 2. The friday was added to accommodate so we will be competing with Saturday groups just going on Friday. EXCITED

willsome429 on Feb 18, 2021, 2:10 AM
Post #5
Give me this late 90s/early 00s-feeling Onalaska/Mt Zion matchup!! Gonna be so fun

Jeff. on Feb 18, 2021, 2:51 AM
Post #6
Thanks for clarifying, Jadon.

I've gone ahead and just combined the schedule all into Saturday's main event since it'll need to be that way (eventually) for listing awards [and heck, I still might have to change things around if they do overall awards but that's a problem for 2/27/21 ].

So just to note for anyone visiting this page -- the MTZ groups and Keokuk's prep group are performing at their listed times on *Friday 2/26*. Comps this year are doing things all sorts of weird ways we've not seen before, understandably, so we're doing the best we can on here to accurately and practically represent these events. It might look a little funky, but if Häakon sees this, he can manually add a little 'Friday' note to those choirs. At any rate, this is a small comp so I'm sure y'all can understand and follow along. Just want to acknowledge the change that has been applied.


tunderwoodC3 Thursday at 9:57 PM
Post #8
I’m with Will on the matchup here in Tier 1!!


brandburtlow Wednesday at 4:50 PM
Post #7
Predictions for Tier 2:
1st- Mt. Pleasant (BV, BB)
2nd- Mt. Zion (BC)
3rd- Fort Madison
4th- Anamosa
5th- Keokuk
6th- Clear Creek

Predictions for Tier 1:
1st- Mt Zion (BC, BB)
2nd- Onalaska (BV)

Predictions for Prep:
1st- Keokuk (BV, BB)
2nd- Fort Madison (BC)

Predictions for Middle School:
1st- Mt. Zion (BB, BV, BC)
2nd- Fort Madison

Jeff. on Feb 17, 2021, 10:36 PM
Post #3
The schedule for this competition is added.


rickymcgarry on Feb 12, 2021, 6:19 PM
Post #2
Onalaska will be attending! Just our varsity group though.

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