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We do not yet have a list of groups that will be attending this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2021 Season > Pendleton Heights Arabian Spectacular 2021

Event Info

January 30th, 2021

Venue Info

Pendleton Heights High School
1 Arabian Drive
Pendleton, IN 46064

Phone: (765) 778-2161

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  10 Mixed Groups
  6 Womens Groups
  2 Middle School Groups


  Pendleton Heights "Pendletones"
  Pendleton Heights "Emerald Suites"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Pendleton Heights Arabian Spectacular 2021

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I

Groups in order of performance


 Lawrence North High School
1:30 PM 


 Chesterton High School
3:10 PM 

 Belles et Beaux

 Plainfield High School
4:50 PM 

 Rhythm Masters

 Whiteland Community High School
6:30 PM 

 NHS Singers

 Noblesville High School
9:50 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier II

Groups in order of performance

 the Collective

 Anderson Prep Academy
8:00 AM 

 Center Stage

 Columbus East High School
8:35 AM 

 Opening Knight

 South Dearborn High School
9:30 AM 

 Red Hot Blues

 New Castle High School
10:05 AM 


 Austin High School
11:00 AM 

Middle School Division

Groups in order of performance


 Austin Middle School
11:25 AM 

 West Side Sound

 Noblesville West Middle School
12:05 PM 

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Clovis H1


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Superfan44 1 hour ago
Post #19
Mixed Tier 1 prediction
1. Whiteland
2. Noblesville
3. Plainfield
Could be wrong, but I've heard Whiteland stepped up their game with new choreographers. At any rate, can't wait to watch Saturday!


sully 18 hours ago
Post #17

willsome429 17 hours ago
Post #18
$9.99 for the day on the PHHS Choral Boosters Facebook page

emma.akers03 1 day ago
Post #16
Due to a large number of contact tracing, FC Singers is pulling from this competition. To my knowledge, High Voltage is still attending.

nicolewalker1999 Sunday at 10:46 PM
Post #12

Mixed Tier 1
GC: FC Singers - Franklin Central
1RU: NHS Singers - Noblesville
2RU: Rhythm Masters - Whiteland Community

Mixed Tier 2
GC: Red Hot Blues - New Castle
1RU: Opening Knight - South Dearborn
2RU: Center Stage - Columbus East

GC: High Voltage - Franklin Central
1RU: Femme Fatales - Plainfield
2RU: New Dimension - Noblesville

This could be totally wrong. I always struggle to make early season predictions because every year is just so different! There’s different sets, different kids, and sometimes different directors! Some of these groups haven’t competed this season so I am basing some of these predictions off last season. No matter what, I think this is gonna be an incredible competition and it’ll be super fun to see how it unfolds. If anyone else has some other ideas on how this will play out I’d love to hear it!

willsome429 Sunday at 11:05 PM
Post #13
Honestly I’m super high on New Dimension after their 2020 season! They’ll definitely be a group to contend with in any womens division this year!

nicolewalker1999 Sunday at 11:14 PM
Post #14
I was going back and forth on where to place New Dimension. They had such a solid season last year so it should be interesting no matter what!


Mr.HJA Monday at 6:28 PM
Post #15
Women’s prediction
GC High voltage. best vocal
1r New dimension best visual
1r Plainfield


esprouse on Jan 19, 2021, 9:30 PM (Edited)
Post #11
We will have a livestream available through our Facebook page! We will have it up and ready to purchase this weekend... it will include ALL performances of the day! In person spectators are limited to parents/guardians or minor siblings of performers only!

shaylerneal on Jan 19, 2021, 12:31 AM
Post #10
Does anyone know if a live stream will be provided all day, or only for the mixed division?


joechoir on Jan 18, 2021, 5:16 PM
Post #9
Will there be a stream for this competition on Facebook Live as well?

Jeff. on Jan 17, 2021, 2:37 AM (Edited)
Post #8
Several changes to note: Franklin Central FC Singers and High Voltage as well as Austin Dimensions and Adrenaline all added to the schedule and time slots were adjusted to allow for more time between performing schools. What we have posted above is now up-to-date (to our knowledge).

Other schedule details:
10:35 pm - Emerald Suites (host)
11:00 pm - Pendletones (host)
11:30 pm - Awards on Facebook Live

emma.akers03 on Jan 12, 2021, 8:21 PM
Post #3
Franklin Centrals High Voltage and FC Singers will now be attending

Jeff. on Jan 12, 2021, 10:09 PM
Post #4
That's great! I'm guessing HV and FC might be filling performance slots vacated by Warren Central. When you know, can you let us know the performance times for HV and FC and we'll add them above? Thanks.

emma.akers03 on Jan 14, 2021, 5:42 PM
Post #6
I just heard fc singers is going second to last in the mixed division, so before noblesville. Not sure about high voltage.

Zoiebelle on Jan 17, 2021, 2:14 AM
Post #7
High Voltage performs at 7:35pm
Fc Singers performs at 8:10pm

nicolewalker1999 on Jan 14, 2021, 1:26 AM
Post #5
Dang! Was not expecting to see a competition of this size this season with the pandemic and everything. Glad to see we'll still hopefully have some strong competitions. Any word on how Pendleton is running the competition? Will spectators be allowed, will groups be coming in and out throughout the day, etc? No matter what, it should be a good competition! There are some great groups here

Clovis H on Jan 10, 2021, 4:12 AM (Edited)
Post #1
Pendleton Heights Arabian Spectacular 2021 Schedule:

Anderson Prep "The Collective" (Small MIxed) 8:00 AM; 2 Soloist 8:25 AM
Columbus East "Center Stage" 2 Soloists 8:35 AM; Competition Show (Small Mixed) 8:45 AM
10 Minute Break
South Dearborn "Opening Knight" (Small Mixed) 9:20 AM; 2 Soloists 9:45 AM
New Castle "Red Hot Blues" (Small Mixed) 9:55 AM
10 Minute Break
Lawrence North "Bella" (Single-Gender) 10:30 AM; 2 Soloists 10:55 AM
Lawrence North "Legacy" (Large Mixed) 11:05 AM; 2 Soloists 11:30 AM
30 Minute Lunch Break
Chesterton "Drifters" (Single-Gender) 12:10 PM; 2 Chesterton Soloists 12:35 PM
Chesterton "Sandpipers" (Large Mixed) 12:45 PM; 2 Chesterton Soloists 1:10 PM
10 Minute Break
Plainfield "Femmes Fatales" (Single-Gender) 1:30 PM; 2 Plainfield Soloists 1:55 PM
Plainfield "Belles et Beaux" (Large Mixed) 2:05 PM; 2 Plainfield Soloists 2:30 PM
10 Minute Break
Whiteland "Expressions" (Single-Gender) 2:50 PM; 2 Whiteland Soloists 3:15 PM
Whitleland "Rhythm Masters" (Large Mixed) 3:25 PM; 2 Whiteland Soloists 3:50 PM
10 Minute Break
Noblesville "The New Dimension" (Single-Gender) 4:10 PM; 2 Noblesville Soloists 4:35 PM
Noblesville "NHS Singers" (Large Mixed) 4:45 PM; 2 Noblesville Soloists 5:10 PM
Noblesville West "West Side Sound" (Festival) 5:20 PM
30 Minute Dinner Break
Warren Central "Spirit" (Festival) 6:15 PM; 2 Warren Central Soloists 6:40 PM
Warren Central "Hi-Lites" (Single-Gender) 6:50 PM; 2 Warren Central Soloists 7:15 PM
Warren Central "Connection" (Large Mixed) 7:25 PM
10 Minute Break
Pendleton "Emerald Suites" (HOSTS) 8:00 PM
Pendleton "Pendletones" (HOSTS) 8:25 PM


This was a lot, let me know if I missed anything!

Jeff. on Jan 11, 2021, 4:07 PM
Post #2
Quick note: Warren Central's three choirs are unable to attend this event and so I've gone ahead and removed them from the event page.


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