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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2021 Season > Franklin Central Hoosier Show Choir Classic 2021

Event Info

February 26th-27th, 2021

Venue Info

Franklin Central High School
Robert L. Mason Auditorium
6215 South Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN 46259

Phone: (317) 862-6646

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  11 Mixed Groups
  11 Womens Groups
  1 Mens Groups
  4 Middle School Groups


  Franklin Central "F.C. Singers"
  Franklin Central "High Voltage"
  Franklin Central "Encores"
  Franklin Central "Flight"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices:

Tickets will be sold through a link shared with each school's director(s) and are only good for that school. Directors will decide on how to best distribute those.


Franklin Central Hoosier Show Choir Classic 2021

Event Site
Live Stream

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4/4 Correct Groups
2/4 Placements Matched
2/2 Captions Matched
45 Bonus Points

Prediction made February 7 at 12:21 pm

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Placements Matched 111 Participants









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Wilson Wang1





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JacobShowChoir 12 hours ago (Edited)
Post #61
Does anyone have scores or ranks for all the tier 1 groups? I'm baffled by the results. Thanks in advance!


joechoir 10 hours ago
Post #63
I would also be curious to see this. Avon has a very nice set this year, but I was definitely surprised to see them jump into the top 3 here.

I was also surprised by the captions being sweeps in both divisions. I have to imagine it was very close regardless of that between the top 4-5 groups.

tristan.grider 11 hours ago
Post #62
Dang Avon is having a great season!!

Max noble 1 day ago
Post #43
Wow what a joke


joechoir 1 day ago
Post #44
Maybe a slightly surprising result for third, but I don't think that this is an appropriate way to react to any result, much less on a public forum.


stevenoble 1 day ago
Post #47
I always enjoy watching the comps. They just score differently in Indiana.


Mr.HJA 1 day ago
Post #49
You don’t get to determine how someone reacts to news. The gall.


joechoir 1 day ago
Post #51
Perhaps not! He is welcome to consider my opinion just as I am allowed to share it. That is the nature of a forum such as this one.

Regardless, I think that we can all agree that this was an exceptionally well run competition and stream with the wonderful idea of playing the FC exhibitions periodically throughout the day.


markrussellmercer 14 hours ago
Post #60
Dear Max,

I know your heart is truly passionate about show choir even after you have graduated and that you are loyal to your alma mater. However, I can't help but be saddened that you continue to post things on this website that don't represent your alma mater in a positive light or our actual views. I understand that we all have the right of free speech and are able to express ourselves, but that doesn't mean that every thought we have needs to be posted publicly. However, when you are representing a school, you are not helping the image of Fairfield which I feel some do not have a great respect for because of comments like this. As the director of Fairfield, there are so many great kids and parents who totally respect the outcomes - even when they aren't what we are hoping for. Our families truly do cheer on every other group that performs in a 'normal' year and share their awe of what other groups have presented on stage when they are blown away. It's small comments like these that cloud the respect and reputation of our group and school.

I'm quite confused as to what the joke you are referring to is as I watched the other performances throughout the day and can't fathom discounting all of the hard work that all of those other groups have put into their shows. It is not even a question to me that the other groups that beat Fairfield didn't deserve their accomplishments. I personally was impressed with the level of achievement that so many Indiana groups were able to accomplish in such a tumultuous year. It is no secret that Indiana and Ohio have some differences in how we 'show choir' and that is quite okay. At the end of the day, we celebrate art and what it stands for. Just because I wouldn't make every choice that another director does doesn't mean I don't think that director or those kids aren't talented. We just have different approaches. I'm sure the same could be said of myself and our style from other directors and performers. At the end of the day, we are a community. Something that this world and our students need now more than ever.

If anything, I am just thankful that we were able to perform this year. For so much of the year I didn't even know if we would be able to compete. If there is anything we have learned over the last year is that we need to count our blessings.

Max, I know you and really enjoyed you as a student as you worked so hard at everything and believed in what we did 100%. You are a great young man and I know your heart is in the right place. I just want everyone else to see your passion in a positive light. Please consider what you are posting and it's cause and effect before posting it.

Winning is fun, but it isn't everything.


Your former director, Merc

treston.haines Saturday at 10:53 PM
Post #32
Brownsburg really blew me away! So impressed with the consistency of their vocal sound and the cleanliness of their choreography! I’m also obsessed with the costumes. Loved the show!!!

Jeff. Saturday at 11:00 PM
Post #33
Completely agree! It's a shame there aren't finals, because that's absolutely one show I want to see again.


joechoir Saturday at 11:08 PM
Post #34
I think a lot of people forgot how spectacular they were last year as well.

They beat Waubonsie Valley, Franklin Central, and Electrum last year. They also tied Beavercreek. They were more than a little over looked coming into this comp.

Awesome shows from both their mixed and women's choirs.

averyecunningham Saturday at 11:15 PM
Post #35
Insane show!!! It’s one I will definitely be watching over and over. Great song choices, and veryyyy clean choreo!! I’m interested to see where they will place.

jlbooher Saturday at 11:59 PM
Post #36
There were definitely not overlooked by us coming into this comp! They are going to be some TOUGH competition for us next week at Avon.


martinxscrooney43 14 hours ago
Post #56
100%! Both Starlight Voices and Spotlight Singers killed it. Looking forward to see them compete with new judges next weekend.

treston.haines 14 hours ago
Post #58
where will they be competing? i’d love to tune in!


martinxscrooney43 14 hours ago
Post #59
I believe they’ll be competing at the Avon Vocal Invitational!


TristanTragic 1 day ago (Edited)
Post #40
Brownsburg girls brought the house down

shaylerneal 1 day ago
Post #42
Agreed!! They'll be tough to beat this year, for sure! They had the best visuals of the entire day, across all divisions, in my opinion.


martinxscrooney43 14 hours ago
Post #57
YES! They deserved the win in my opinion.

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