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We do not yet have a list of groups that will be attending this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2020 Season > Webb City Showcase 2020

Event Info

February 29th, 2020

Venue Info

Webb City High School
621 N. Madison St.
Webb City, MO 64870

Phone: (417) 673-6010

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  13 Mixed Groups
  3 Womens Groups
  3 Middle School Groups


  Webb City "Singers"
  Webb City "Bella Vocé"
  Webb City "DoMENance"
  Webb City Junior "Polyphonics"
  Webb City Junior "Euphonics"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Webb City Showcase 2020

Event Site
Live Stream

Mixed Division - Tier I

Groups in order of performance


 Carthage Senior High School
5:05 PM 

 Sound Dimension

 Joplin High School
5:30 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier II

Groups in order of performance

 Rhapsody n' Rhythm

 McDonald County High School
4:15 PM 

 Soundsational Singers

 Nevada High School
4:40 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier III

Groups in order of performance

 Patriot Singers

 East Newton High School
9:50 AM 

 Sound Collage

 El Dorado Springs High School
2:00 PM 

 City Lights

 Hollister High School
2:25 PM 

 Jive Tribe

 Seneca High School
2:50 PM 

 Vocal Motion

 Mt. Vernon High School
3:40 PM 

Mixed Division - Tier IV

Groups in order of performance

 Rhythm In Blue

 Cabool High School
1:10 PM 

 Soaring Sounds

 Miller High School
1:35 PM 

Womens Division

Groups in order of performance

 Suite Sounds

 Carthage Senior High School
10:15 AM 

 Touch of Class

 Joplin High School
10:40 AM 

 Treble Effects

 Nevada High School
11:05 AM 

Prep Division

Groups in order of performance


 Mt. Vernon High School
12:45 PM 

 Vocal Fusion

 Nevada High School
3:15 PM 

Middle School Division

Groups in order of performance

 Wildcat Singers

 Neosho Junior High School
7:55 AM 

 Sound Investment

 El Dorado Springs Middle School
8:15 AM 

 Sound Effects

 Smith-Cotton Junior High School
8:35 AM 

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ZacharyPettit on Feb 10, 2020, 4:51 PM (Edited)
Post #1
7:55 Neosho JH Wildcat Singers
8:15 El Dorado Springs Sound Investment
8:35 Smith-Cotton JH Sound Effects
8:55 Webb City JH Euphonics
9:15 Webb City JH Polyphonics
9:50 East Newton Patriot Singers
10:15 Carthage Suite Sounds
10:40 Joplin Touch of Class
11:05 Nevada Treble Effects
11:30-12:45 JUDGES’ LUNCH
11:30 Webb City Bella Vocé
11:55 Webb City DoMENance
12:45 Mount Vernon Velocity
1:10 Cabool Rhythm in Blue
1:35 Miller Soaring Sounds
2:00 El Dorado Springs Sound Collage
2:25 Hollister City Lights
2:50 Seneca Jive Tribe
3:15 Nevada Vocal Fusion
3:40 Mount Vernon Vocal Motion
4:05-4:15 JUDGES’ BREAK
4:15 McDonald County Rhapsody ‘N’ Rhythm
4:40 Nevada Soundsational Singers
5:05 Carthage Soundwave
5:30 Joplin Sound Dimension
5:55 Webb City Singers
7:30 p.m. FINALS
Finals will occur in as rapid fire order as possible without rushing the groups. Each finalist group will be called to the warm-up room as soon as the room is available and then told with 5 minutes to spare when their stage is ready.


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