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We do not yet have a list of groups that will be attending this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2019 > Nevada Show Choir Classic 2019

Event Info

March 23rd, 2019

Venue Info

Nevada High School
800 W. Hickory Street
Nevada, MO 64772

Phone: (417) 448-2020

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:  Unknown


  Nevada "Soundsational Singers"
  Nevada "Treble Effects"
  Nevada "Vocal Fusion"
  Nevada "Future Sounds"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown

Event Website: Click Here


Nevada Show Choir Classic 2019


We do not yet have a list of groups that will be attending this event.

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Kutter Sch...




Chris Kindle

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Scarf_Boy19 on Feb 15, 2019, 6:28 PM
Post #2
This event has been postponed until Saturday March 23rd

Jeff. on Feb 10, 2019, 11:30 PM (Edited by Jeff.)
Post #1
Schedule is posted. They'll take 6 finalists. There's two venues here per usual:

PAC: Mixed Tier I, Mixed Tier II, Mixed Tier III, Mixed Tier IV, Finals, and Nevada exhibitions
Gym: Mixed Tier V, Single-Gender, Prep, Middle School

12:35 pm - Future Sounds
5:30 pm - Treble Effects
6:00 pm - Vocal Fusion
6:30 pm - Preliminary Awards (Gym)
7:30 pm - Finals #1
8:00 pm - Finals #2
8:30 pm - Finals #3
9:00 pm - Finals #4
9:30 pm - Finals #5
10:00 pm - Finals #6
10:30 pm - Soundsational Singers
11:00 pm - Final Awards (PAC)

edit: Schedule removed due to the re-schedule. Will wait for an updated schedule later on.


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