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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2019 Season > Walsh Jesuit Great Lakes Invitational 2019

Event Info

February 2nd, 2019

Venue Info

Walsh Jesuit High School
4550 Wyoga Lake Rd.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224

Phone: (330) 929-4205

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  13 Mixed Groups
  1 Womens Groups
  1 Mens Groups


  Walsh Jesuit "Harmony Gold"


  Jen Oundjian

  Erik Hall

  Karlene Krouse

  Don Turoso

  Shannon Eller

  Zac Tomko

Ticket Prices:

Daytime = $12
Finals = $12
All Day Pass = $20


Walsh Jesuit Great Lakes Invitational 2019

Event Site
Live Stream


Groups in order of placement

 Buckeye Valley High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Costumes 
People's Choice 

 Good Times
 Martinsburg High School
First Runner Up 
Best Choreography 

 Music Express
 Garfield Heights High School
Second Runner Up 

 Edgewood High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Rhapsody in Blue
 Hamilton High School
4th Runner Up 

 Northern Stars
 Sheridan High School
5th Runner Up 
Best Show Concept 

Mixed Division - Tier I (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Mixed Division - Tier II (Prelims)
Click here to expand:  

Single-Gender Division


 Hamilton High School
First Place 
Best Male Soloist (Noah Warner) 

 Vocal Elegance
 Hamilton High School
Second Place 

Members Who Attended This Event displaying 6 of 17 members (view all)  







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NickAngiocchi on Feb 4, 2019, 11:32 PM
Post #32
Thank you again to everyone who joined us at the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Invitational on Saturday! As II mentioned, we did take pictures of the performing groups.

Make sure you like and follow the “Walsh Jesuit Great Lakes Invitational” page on Facebook!! That’s where all pictures will be posted (hopefully within a week).

We will also post updates throughout the year regarding next years Invitational.

Best of luck and break a leg on the remainder of your seasons!


Justlivin2k19 on Feb 3, 2019, 11:05 PM
Post #31
Shook that good times go 1st runner and best choreography......was expecting them to come in 4th

Jeff. on Feb 3, 2019, 4:59 AM
Post #29
Final results are posted.

KEVDOUG on Feb 3, 2019, 5:00 AM
Post #30
BV is on a roll!

Dylan Turner. on Feb 3, 2019, 1:59 AM
Post #28
All i know so far is Edgewood won class A and buckeyvalley won class b with Garfield in 1st runner up. Working on getting more info!

itsrickygriffin on Feb 3, 2019, 1:21 AM
Post #25
So no live feed?

Jeff. on Feb 3, 2019, 1:26 AM
Post #26
Still no live feed, Ricky. They're only streaming internally within their school. Hopefully some other folks keep us in the loop with what's happening.

itsrickygriffin on Feb 3, 2019, 1:51 AM
Post #27
Thank you!!!!


Justlivin2k19 on Feb 3, 2019, 1:10 AM
Post #24
Results for Prelims?

Dylan Turner. on Feb 3, 2019, 12:53 AM
Post #23
For finals i know (no specific order)

Buckey valley
Garfield heights

eljzabeth on Feb 3, 2019, 12:25 AM
Post #22
Anyone know prelims placements or who made finals?


brenjoe on Feb 3, 2019, 12:21 AM
Post #21
Anyone know daytime awards placements?

Jeff. on Feb 2, 2019, 9:39 PM
Post #20
I stopped over briefly to see a few performances. When I left, Walsh Jesuit was running on time and the competition was going well! Auditorium was already packed. Few of the standout moments from the several groups I saw were Sheridan's tight choreography, Hamilton's CrescenDudes bringing the house down with their men in black theme, and I enjoyed both Edgewood and Buckeye Valley - fun themes and really wonderful performances. Best of luck to all afternoon groups and finalists.

pjackson on Feb 1, 2019, 5:46 PM
Post #13
Will there be a live feed?

KEVDOUG on Feb 1, 2019, 5:47 PM
Post #14
Not sure, but they will feed live.


Justlivin2k19 on Feb 2, 2019, 5:01 PM
Post #16
How to watch the live feed?


BekkiB on Feb 2, 2019, 6:13 PM
Post #17
Can we watch this live..and if so where is link

Jeff. on Feb 2, 2019, 9:34 PM
Post #18
There isn't a live feed.


TomboCombo on Feb 2, 2019, 9:35 PM
Post #19
Not sure who got the live stream links at the top but THANK YOU!!

NickAngiocchi on Feb 1, 2019, 10:23 PM
Post #15
Correction to admission prices

Daytime = $12
Finals = $12
All Day = $20

See you bright and early!

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