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 Show Choir Community > Events > 2019 > Indiana State Large School Finals 2019

Event Info

March 16th, 2019

Venue Info

North Central High School
1801 E. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: (317)259-5301

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  9 Mixed Groups
  9 Womens Groups



Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices:

All Day Pass
$20 - Adults
$18 - Students

Per Session
$13 - Adult
$11 - Students


Indiana State Large School Finals 2019

Live Stream
Event Site

 Mixed Division


 North Central High School
First Place 

 Spotlight Singers & Company
 Brownsburg High School
Second Place 
Best Vocals 

 NHS Singers
 Noblesville High School
Third Place 
Best Visuals 
Best Band 

 Heritage Singers
 Franklin Community High School
4th Place 

 Fishers High School
5th Place 

 Pike High School
6th Place 

 Central Sound
 Lawrence Central High School
7th Place 

 Knight Sensations
 Castle High School
8th Place 

 Belles et Beaux
 Plainfield High School
9th Place 

 Womens Division


 Franklin Community High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 

 New Dimension
 Noblesville High School
Second Place 

 North Central High School
Third Place 
Best Band 

 Starlight Voices
 Brownsburg High School
4th Place 
Best Visuals 

 Fishers High School
5th Place 

 Noblesville High School
6th Place 

 Castle High School
7th Place 

 Avon High School
8th Place 

 Sweet Sensation
 Lawrence Central High School
9th Place 

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Will Rose

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bheyneman on Mar 11, 2019, 7:51 PM
Post #16
Notably absent from the large school state finals: Franklin Central, Zionsville, Carroll, Center Grove, Ben Davis, Chesterton, Homestead. I totally understand that directors who wish to participate must enter their choirs in an ISSMA qualifier and then submit a high-enough qualifying score, but I just wish more would choose to do so.

The question is, what would it take for these choirs (some who never/rarely participate in ISSMA state) to want to participate?

(With all that being said, good luck to the choirs who did earn their qualification this year... it’s still a great lineup.)

Chief on Mar 11, 2019, 8:17 PM (Edited by Chief)
Post #17
I’m not sure exactly what could be done to change it. It seems to me that the groups, excluding franklin central, that do not attend state anymore don’t attend due to wonky placements in the past. It’s seems every year that placements seem to be somewhat off. I do know that Issma hirers out of state judges though so I wouldn necessarily consider it a show choir politics problem. What’s the weirdest to me is that these groups you mentioned often place and score well at issma qualifiers, but when they get to state seem to not place as well.

TLDR: The problem is that groups that should place high at state often place lower than expected. What can be done? I don’t know.


Caw723 Tuesday at 4:12 PM
Post #18
If you look at the comments on last year's competition, there is a good discussion that generally explains the situation. Basically, some directors have problems with different aspects of the ISSMA setup (venue, scoresheet, judging, etc.), but are often met with stiff resistance from the ISSMA board when voicing their concerns. This resistance to change is a big part of what is driving away schools such as Franklin Central, Center Grove, Ben Davis, etc. Take, for example, the venue situation. As Jeff explained below, ISSMA agreed to alternate the venue for State each year between Franklin Central and North Central, which was seen by many as a welcome and exciting change. They ended up rethinking that decision, however, and are instead using FC as the new site for Small State each year. Many directors (and students) were excited to see that a venue change was happening, only to have it taken away again. It is highly unlikely that any of the schools that have decided to stop attending will return until they feel that ISSMA has really listened to the concerns that have been voiced for years.


Awenger40 Wednesday at 5:03 AM
Post #19
I can't really answer this question with the best representation of Indiana show choir in mind, but I would have to guess it would have to go with the "politics" surrounding show choir in Indiana. I can think of multiple years that certain choirs have only beaten other choirs at the state level. The hard part with state level competitions in general is typically, there are teachers from competing schools on the boards of their respective state's show choir panels. Unlike local competitions, this offers a challenge towards the legitimacy of neutrality in their judging. There are only 3 states offering a true state championship in show choir right now to my knowledge: North Carolina, West Virginia, and Indiana. South Dakota was another one the last few years, but has since decided to drop their competition due to similar concerns (as well as other deciding factors, I'm sure). States are hard because if you give show choir boards to people who don't do show choir in an effort to promote neutrality in judging, you end up with the judging panel from Season 1 of Glee. But if you allow show choir people to do it, there's a chance that whether true not, accusations of bias may happen for those who are a part of the judging selection, and you see great groups like FC, Center Grove, Zionsville, and Carmel drop from these events. I would love nothing more than to see those 5 go up against each other at a competition, but due to weirdness in Indiana in the past, I can almost guarantee that this isn't going to happen anytime soon. Get rid of "States" all together IMO.

Chief Wednesday at 1:41 PM
Post #20
I wouldn’t necessarily like to see this competition end. I think the first step though is to hirer a judging panel of show choir people who have 0 affiliation with any choirs. The next step would be to move the site of the competition. North central hasn’t gone without placing top 2 in a while. This isn’t meant to take anything away from them. Their win last year was very well deserved they had one of my favorite shows of any choir I saw. However they have major home field advantage here(ie being able to perform on that stage way more than any other choir and being able to work with the acoustics of their auditorium way more than any other choir). If the competition was held of site of a high school campus this advantage would be eliminated. If these two things met changes I could see big name groups coming back. And in the future possibly a scoring system reform but I consider that pretty far fetched for issma.

Chief Wednesday at 1:48 PM
Post #21
It’s kinda sad to see that the past at least 5 years or so there has been growing dissatisfaction with the issma system and it appears little to nothing has been done to adequately solve the problem.

Kadepiper Thursday at 12:16 PM
Post #22
I would like to add that ISSMA does hire judges themselves, it has no affiliation with North Central or their choirs. Along with that all the judges are from outside of the state of Indiana.


indy_jd Friday at 1:50 PM (Edited by indy_jd)
Post #23
I can’t speak to why State is held at North Central. But I would like to add to what kadepiper stated and point out that North Central went up against some major power houses last year at Nationals and won. They’d never performed at that venue, so it seems they clearly proved themselves without a “home field” advantage.

Chief Friday at 2:23 PM (Edited by Chief)
Post #24
As i stated above, “This isn’t meant to take anything away from them. Their win last year was very well deserved they had one of my favorite shows of any choir I saw.“ . I fully understand that north central is a consistently great group. My point was that a state competition shouldn’t be held at ANY school that is competing at the competition to eliminate avoidable advantages.

Chief Friday at 2:24 PM
Post #25
I also don’t know if that comment was targeted specifically at mine but i wanted to clarify my point regardless.

Kadepiper Friday at 5:16 PM
Post #26
Many people agree with you, I believe that they should host it at a university or professional stage. There is not a shortage of great auditoriums in the Indianapolis area and i wish they would choose a neutral venue considering it5 is the state championship.


indy_jd Saturday at 2:05 AM (Edited by indy_jd)
Post #28
My understanding is that NC’s auditorium (though aged!) seats many more people than other cheap/free options, and that FC requested NC host large because they didn’t have room. I don’t know if that’s correct, but it makes sense. At any rate… I totally get the perception that it seems unfair. For everyone’s benefit, it would be awesome to compete at a neutral arena. Then everyone (including NC) could be judged without a perception of bias.


cmvincek Sunday at 5:04 PM
Post #46
I believe one of the judges is the choral director from Ball State. So um not outside of Indiana.....


Mr.HJA Sunday at 9:43 PM
Post #48
Due to the fiasco that was the 2006 state championships at ball state...they moved it. It was held at Lawrence Central in 2007 and 2008.


Emma.A2018 8 hours ago
Post #49
Yeah one of the vocal judges was sick and couldn't come, so they had to bring someone in last minute to judge. But this caused some scoring issues within the women's division because they counted the vocal judges score twice, so this really brought some groups rankings down.

Kadepiper Saturday at 6:12 PM (Edited by Kadepiper)
Post #34
Women’s results-
GC: Franklin Community best vocals
1RU: Noblesville New Dimension
2RU:North Central best band
3RU: Brownsburg best visuals
4RU: Fishers
5RU: Noblesville sensation
6RU: Castle
7RU: Avon
8RU: Lawrence Central


Katyfivecoate9 Sunday at 3:27 AM
Post #39
.4 points between 1st and 2nd and 5?? points between 1st and 5th I believe


kpreww Sunday at 6:56 PM
Post #47
wow that’s close!!


ExitRow16 Sunday at 2:58 PM
Post #45
Had a great time yesterday. The quality of the audio system had to be about the worst I've seen all season, though.

MustyDaniel Sunday at 2:31 PM
Post #44
Hey. tbh, I really had a great time doe. It was a good vibe

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