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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2015 Season > Lowell Mill City Show Choir Festival 2015

Event Info

January 17th, 2015

Venue Info

Lowell High School
50 Father Morissette Boulevard
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 937-8900

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  10 Mixed Groups
  2 Womens Groups
  2 Mens Groups


  Lowell "Sound Impressions"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Lowell Mill City Show Choir Festival 2015

Live Stream
Event Site

 Open Division


 Daniel Hand High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Female Soloist 
Best Rhythm Section 
Gold Medal 

 Oliver Ames High School
Second Place 
Best Instrumental Section 
Gold Medal 

 Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Third Place 
Gold Medal 

 Shepherd Hill Regional High School
4th Place 
Silver Medal 

 From Start to Finish
 Andover High School
5th Place 
Best Male Soloist 
Best Show Design 
Silver Medal 

 Music Unlimited
 Waltham High School
6th Place 

 Measure Up

 Dracut Senior High School
No Placement 

 Nothin' But Treble

 Andover High School
No Placement 

 High Frequency

 Whitman Hanson Regional High School
No Placement 


 Joseph Case High School
No Placement 

 Back To Bass-ics

 Andover High School
No Placement 


 Bishop Hendricken High School
No Placement 


 Somerset Berkley Regional High School
No Placement 


 Shepherd Hill Regional High School
No Placement 

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16electrify on Jan 18, 2015, 4:42 PM
Post #12
I look forward to performing at Lowell every year. It's a great way to kick off the show choir competition season. I can't believe next year will be my last year. But thanks Lowell Sound Impressions for hosting.

AGCT11 on Jan 18, 2015, 2:01 AM
Post #11

QUOTE (Jeff. @ Jan 18 2015, 01:22 AM) *

Oh, no problem! Thank YOU! Hope you enjoyed the day!

Day was great! Another great SC season is ahead of us here in the Nirtheast!

Jeff. on Jan 18, 2015, 1:22 AM
Post #10
Oh, no problem! Thank YOU! Hope you enjoyed the day!

AGCT11 on Jan 18, 2015, 12:51 AM
Post #9
More awards!

Best Female Soloist: Daniel Hand
Best Male Soloist: Andover From Start To Finish
Best Rhythm Section: Daniel Hand
Best Insturmental Section: Oliver Ames
Best Show Design: Andover From Start To Finish

AGCT11 on Jan 18, 2015, 12:21 AM
Post #8
Thanks for posting the results!

dominick. on Jan 11, 2015, 4:29 PM (Edited by dominick.)
Post #7
And here is the full extensive schedule with warmup times and everything if you need it:

dominick. on Jan 11, 2015, 4:25 PM
Post #6

GC Daniel Hand Vibe
1RU Oliver Ames Panache
2RU Shepherd Hill Fantasy
3RU Andover From Start To Finish
4RU Waltham Music Unlimited

Andover and Waltham could switch and possibly the GC, 1RU and 2RU may switch around a bit too. Less than a week away!! Can't wait to see everyone!

AGCT11 on Jan 10, 2015, 10:00 PM
Post #5
Change in schedule

Lunch is now 12:30-1:30
Every group performs 30 minutes earlier, Shepherd Hill Testostertones are performing at 4:30!

dominick. on Jan 8, 2015, 2:51 AM
Post #4
And the Shepherd Hill Testostertones most likely will also be attending. There was a mix-up and we are currently working on getting in.

Jeff. on Jan 6, 2015, 8:19 PM (Edited by Jeff.)
Post #3
Thanks, Andrew. Event has been updated!

Does anyone have any information about Dracut Senior HS? I've seen their choir name posted as "Measure Up" in some places as well as "Sing-Chronized" in others. Anyone know which it is?

AGCT11 on Jan 5, 2015, 2:07 AM
Post #2
Mill City Schedule-

9:00-Dracut HS Measure up
9:30-Andover HS Nothing But Treble
10:00-Waltham HS Music Unlimited
10:30-Shepherd Hill HS Illusion
11:00-Whitman-Hanson HS High Frequency
11:30-Joseph Case HS ShowCase
12:00-Andover HS Back to Bass-ics
2:00-Daniel Hand HS Vibe
2:30-Bishop Hendriken HS Paramount
3:00-Shepherd Hill HS Fantasy
3:30-Andover HS From Start To Finish
4:00-Oliver Ames HS Panache
4:30-Somerset HS Electrify
5:00-Lowell HS Sound Impressions(Host)

AGCT11 on Jan 3, 2015, 8:52 PM
Post #1
Schedule will be out this week! Here is the list of attending groups

Shepherd Hill High School-Fantasy and Ilusion
Andover High School- From Start to Finish and Nothing but Treble
Daniel Hand Vibe
Oliver Ames Panache
Dracut High School Show Choir
Whitman Hanson High School High Frequency
Joseph Case High School Showcase
Waltham High school Music Unlimited
Somerset High School Electrify
Bishop Hendericken High School Paramount


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