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We do not have a list of groups that attended this event on this day.
 Show Choir Community > Events > 2004 Season > Shelbyville Singing Sensational 2004

Event Info

February 28th, 2004

Venue Info

Shelbyville High School
2003 S. Miller St.
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Phone: (317) 398-9731

Event Details

No. of Attending Choirs:

  10 Mixed Groups
  4 Womens Groups


  Shelbyville "Synergy"
  Shelbyville "Soundwave"

Judges: Unknown

Ticket Prices: Unknown


Shelbyville Singing Sensational 2004

Event Site
Live Stream


Groups in order of placement

 Sound System
 Center Grove High School
Grand Champion 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 
Best Crew 
Best Costumes 

 Sullivan High School
First Runner Up 

 Show Cards
 Colerain High School
Second Runner Up 
Best Band 

 LaPorte High School
3rd Runner Up 

 Northrop High School
4th Runner Up 

Mixed Division (Prelims)
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Womens Division

Groups in order of placement

 Center Grove High School
First Place 
Best Vocals 
Best Choreography 

 New Generation
 Sullivan High School
Second Place 

 New Temptations
 Southern Wells Jr/Sr High School
Third Place 

 North Stars

 Columbus North High School
No Placement 

Members Who Attended This Event

No members signed up for this event.

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Flare on Mar 4, 2004, 8:22 PM
Post #52
haha! That's great. I know him from the place I go to vacation on every year..I met him when I was maybe 8 or 9...his condo/villa is right next to mine and we go there the same weekend every year. At least we did until his family started coming about every other year. I used to hang out with him and his sister whenever I was there. I think the last time I saw him was 3 years ago, so I was maybe 12??? But yeah, it was seriously weird seeing his Dad and then finding out who his Dad was! I could have guessed he would be super smart!...somehow he just seems like he would be. He probably doesn't remember me, but I sure remember him...I have a LOT of memories...funny ones too! lol

Anyways....that was a LONG story!!!!

Yeah - I just thought I'd find out if anyone knew him. I didn't end up talking to him, only his Dad, but I saw him! And it was just WEIRD!


SingingBoy on Mar 4, 2004, 8:07 PM
Post #51
Jay Miller is a three year member of show cards just like me, so ive known him for a pretty long time! LOL yes he does look very much like Harry Potter, thats kind of his nick-name in the group! He is a very smart kid too, like the top ten of our class!


Descant04 on Mar 4, 2004, 3:23 AM
Post #50
anyone from centergrove, PM me and let me know when debtones and sound system go on at pike? my cousin is in sound system but i dont have his digits so i cant call :-( i want to come see though, sounds like you are having an amazing season!

on Mar 4, 2004, 2:59 AM
Post #49
YES!!! Jay Miller is awesome. Where do you know the kid from? And doesn't the kid look like Harry Potter??? HAHA thats awesome I love him.


SingingBoy on Mar 4, 2004, 2:46 AM
Post #48
LOL, Jay Miller is a dawg, he's a great guy!

Flare on Mar 4, 2004, 12:14 AM
Post #47
Hey! I loved this competition and even though it's been a few days I just thought I would give some shout outs to some choirs! I have the finals DVD and I've been watching it all week.

Center Grove Sound System, I seriously LOVE your show. And I LOVE the ballad. The soloists in the ballad are SO awesome. You guys have tons of energy onstage and I love it! Good luck for all your future competitions!

Center Grove Debtones, you guys were an awesome group to host. You've got some awesome voices in your choir and I loved watching you guys perform. (I hope you liked the anyone knows what I am talking about.)

Colerain, I loved your show a whole lot too! And I found out Saturday that someone I know is in your choir that I haven't seen since I was maybe 11! I don't know why, but I find that really weird.(His name is Jay Miller...??? Anyone know him?) Anyways, I love your soloists sooo much. They all rock. Awesome show and I wish you guys luck too!

Sullivan(Mixed group), I loved your show too! Especially the closer...sooo much energy and so funny! I love it when the girls appear out of the piano, that was awesome. You guys have great vocals too!

These were just a few of my favorites of the day.

Well, I can't wait until this weekend. We're going to Pike! Anyone else?

on Mar 3, 2004, 11:04 PM
Post #46
hey this is anthony from laporte...we totally rocked the house on grand champioonship or anything but that is the highest we have ever gotten a a comp so we are pretty proud..i'm sorry if you are upset we beat some ppl...bu that's just how it wen down...oh and janelle, amanda, and ladies totally rock my world...give me a ringer sometimes ;)

so long and congrats to everyone....GOOOO LAPORTE!!!!

on Mar 2, 2004, 11:23 PM
Post #45
Thank you so much for all the amazing comments about Center Grove!! I'm from Debtones and I know that Sound System would definatly appreciate all of your comments also! It's so much fun to see what people say about the shows. I'm a freshman so i haven't been here much but now am offically addictted to SCO! lol I had an awesome time at Shellbyville! You were all so nice and we had great hosts! I loved Sullivan's costumes! I really liked Shellbyville's 'Less is More'! I for one am looking soooo forward to PIKE! It should be amazing too!! See ya'll there!


SingingBoy on Mar 2, 2004, 10:53 PM
Post #44
LOL haha, Im sorry, it was probably obviously a horse but i was too busy laughing at whoever was in the "butt" and how he/she kept shaking it.... Lol i couldnt stop laughing long enough to correctly identify the type of animal... ANYWAY tho you guys have such an entertaining show, and Im gonna be watching out for how you guys do the rest of the year. Good luck at North Central, you guys can do good there, despite what some people might be predicting, just go in there and kick some butt!

on Mar 2, 2004, 8:59 PM
Post #43
LOL Yep, sure is. But hey if they think its funny as a llama then so be it, its a llama.. hehe

PreachersWife1 on Mar 2, 2004, 8:46 PM
Post #42
ANYWAY great job shelbyville, the "Less Is More" number cracked me up, it was so original!!! Ive never seen anything like that, i about lost it with the llama, but when i saw the kitchen sink i gave you all a standing ovation, GREAT JOB

LOL It's actually our sorry excuse for a HORSE! " border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />

PreachersWife1 on Mar 2, 2004, 8:45 PM (Edited)
Post #41
shelbyville yall were tight seriously wow amazing! you deserve to keep that huge trophy you gave away last night lol

Aww shux! blushing.gif Thanks!

on Mar 1, 2004, 10:06 PM (Edited)
Post #40
LaPorte is a really good choir. They don't have lot of people but they still have awesome sound. They came out to Chesterton for a workshop kind of thing this year and they are really good, especially for being a fairly new choir. The people are a lot of fun, and i think its great that they are placing higher in finals.


witemike1015 on Mar 1, 2004, 9:38 PM
Post #39
QUOTE(Rachael21 @ Feb 29 2004, 06:23 PM)
Colerain:  Good job, your costumes looked.

lol did they look good? or bad? lol what adjective should go there?

on Mar 1, 2004, 9:30 PM
Post #38
Like 'ERK' said....ladies and gentlemen....March 6th...

Pike High School

Yeah, this is gonna take ALOT of practice for everyone, but BEST OF LUCK!!!!

Much Love,

on Mar 1, 2004, 3:32 AM
Post #37
QUOTE(PMOPiper @ Feb 29 2004, 06:56 PM)
I guess "Lipton" means LaPorte...  ;)

oopps.. sorry my mind was nothing working at that moment! Sorry!

on Mar 1, 2004, 2:56 AM
Post #36
QUOTE(Rachael21 @ Feb 29 2004, 08:23 PM)
Lipton:  I was really proud of you guys especially since you had the least amount of people and had a pretty good sound!  You guys had great facials and put a lot of excitement and energy into your show!

I guess "Lipton" means LaPorte... ;)

on Mar 1, 2004, 2:23 AM
Post #35
I just wanted to say congrats to everyone that participated in the COMP yesterday.

Center Grove: You guys kick butt! We laughed so hard we cried at the Polka number. Great vocals and a GC well deserved!
Sullivan: Loved your whole Elton John thing. So did my mother. U guys had her cracking up!
Colerain: Good job, your costumes looked.
Lipton: I was really proud of you guys especially since you had the least amount of people and had a pretty good sound! You guys had great facials and put a lot of excitement and energy into your show!
Northrop: Good show. Vocals okay. Needs more energy! A bunch of us said that you would have beaten Lipton if you would of had more energy. But good job!

Over all, the comp was great. Felt really bad for the kid that put the whole in the wall. I was glad that it didnt effect the outcome of who won. And yes, everyone in the crowd was egging him on. I bet the raptor has become extinct now huh...
And i thought it was great that the principal came out and said that it did not ruin the comp. (that Jerry Garcia guy should have came back out and said sorry for calling that kid a "Shmuck". The kid went right up there after he put the whole in the wall and said sorry and blah blah blah. GO SHELBYVILLE great comp!


SingingBoy on Feb 29, 2004, 11:24 PM
Post #34
Awww I dont want everyone bashing Floyd, seems to be he was caught up in the moment just as the guy who made the hole in the wall.... I didnt mean for me to sound like i was bashing him by saying he went to far... ANYWAY great job shelbyville, the "Less Is More" number cracked me up, it was so original!!! Ive never seen anything like that, i about lost it with the llama, but when i saw the kitchen sink i gave you all a standing ovation, GREAT JOB!

on Feb 29, 2004, 11:12 PM
Post #33
I'm from Shelbyville and i would definitely like to give our utmost apologies for the words and actions of Floyd. He has been an issue at our school for a while. I completely understand any parents and/or students that would be upset or angry at him. Please don't let it reflect our school. Like our principal said, the kid didn't do it on purpose. I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the competition. Congratulations to all the schools and to CG for their win. We'll see you guys at Pike (aka the competition of death ) Anyone have anymore comments on our (Synergy's) show? Likes... Dislikes...

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