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 Show Choir Community > Schools > Illinois > Mt. Zion High School > Swingsations 2021

Swingsations 2021

Choir Information


Connie Mulligan and Heather Pistorius


Dwight Jordan

Competition Repertoire

1.  The Brady Bunch Medley


2.  Saved By The Bell Theme Song Medley


3.  A Little More Homework


4.  Anticipation Medley


5.  Backyard Party Medley


6.  Right Place Right Time Medley



1.The Brady Bunch / Good Old Days / Good Morning
2.Saved By The Bell Theme Song / ABC / Last One Picked / Hot Lunch Jam
3.A Little More Homework
4.Anticipation / At The End Of The Day
5.Backyard Party / Garage Room Freestyle (Reel It In)
6.Right Place Right Time / Attention / Keep Movin'


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