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 Show Choir Community > Schools > Mississippi > Jackson Preparatory School > Reveillon 2020

Reveillon 2020

Choir Information


Elizabeth Thiel and Kristy Brumfield


April James and Kelly Gudell

Competition Repertoire

1.  Fashion!


2.  Scream


3.  Vincent Medley


4.  The Ballad Of Mona Lisa


5. Mind Overtime

6.  Smooth Criminal


7.  Run Boy Run


Award Record

Jackson Academy Show Choir Invitational
February 1st, 2020
5th Place

Northeast Jones Classic
February 15th, 2020
4th Place

West Jones Invitational
February 22nd, 2020
Third Place

Madison Central Deep South Classic
February 29th, 2020
Second Place
Best Choreography
Best Show Design

Show Choir Nationals
March 27th, 2020
This event has been cancelled.


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