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4th Avenue Jazz Company 2019

Choir Information


Tyler Hagy


Lexi Robson

Competition Repertoire

1.  Opening Up


2.  Clap Your Hands


3.  Tears Of An Angel


4.  The Cure


5.  Make A Wave


6.  Warriors



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Jeff. on Dec 31, 2020, 12:48 AM
Post #1
Will recently submitted the setlist for this show and I added it to the page here. I guess I never caught this show back in 2019? Sometimes I forget to watch and enjoy shows amidst the work of covering show choir to the extent we do. But I'm glad I watched, even if two years late! I'm sure this show was a local favorite and hopefully garnered the attention it rightfully deserves. As a B1G football fan, I recognized the Iowa Hawkeye Wave/children's hospital tradition as the theme. What a cool idea. I love when choirs do a local theme or story as it's just that much more meaningful. I've quickly become a Lexi Robson fangirl as the movement was mesmerizing, the set list was simple, refined, and effective, and the storytelling was done very well. Such a tearjerking, heartwarming piece of art. I'll definitely make sure to catch City High in the years to come.


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