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Choir Information


Curtis Shaw


Mike Weaver

Competition Repertoire

1.  Feel It


2.  Nobody


3.  Caught In The Storm


4.  Faith


5.  Million Dollar Bill


6.  Atom Bomb


Class Royale 2018

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svazzano on Apr 12, 2018 (Edited by svazzano)
Post #4
Can you guys perform again but in Nebraska pleeeeease? I need to see this in person.
So. Bad.

WannabechoirkidIan on Aug 26, 2018
Post #5
Hahaha just saw this. I honestly wish we could have.

pip_waldorf1 on Feb 1, 2018 (Edited by pip_waldorf1)
Post #3
I'm just so happy to be able to provide on the same stage as all of you this season! You all are just so explosive with talent!

pip_waldorf1 on Feb 1, 2018
Post #2
This group is an absolute treat to watch and truly have so mush potential and passion for the performing arts. I am excited to see what this group will do next! Let's rock this season!

WannabechoirkidIan on Jan 28, 2018
Post #1
This group has so much potential. If last night wasn't an indicator of how good we are I have no idea what is.


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