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 Show Choir Community > Schools > Ohio > Twinsburg High School > Great Expectations 2018

Choir Information


Randall Lanoue and Scott Hamler


Randall Lanoue and Nick Maloy

Competition Repertoire

1.  Food, Glorious Food


2.  Cookin'


3.  I Can Cook Too


4.  Make An Omelette


5.  Hey, Good Lookin'


6.  Supper Time


7.  I Just Want To Make Love To You


8.  Pour Some Sugar On Me


9.  Hot Stuff Medley


Great Expectations 2018

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1.Food, Glorious Food
3.I Can Cook Too
4.Make An Omelette
5.Hey, Good Lookin'
6.Supper Time
7.I Just Want To Make Love To You
8.Pour Some Sugar On Me
9.Hot Stuff / Hot In Herre / Hot Hot Hot


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