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Choir Information


Jeremy Alfera


Alex Hall and Randy Sage

Competition Repertoire

1.  A Song Medley


2.  Heart And Soul Medley


3.  Anthem Medley


4.  My Church Medley


5.  Turn Up Medley


Swingers Unlimited 2018

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ThomasL on Apr 4, 2018
Post #1
Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of this group. I thought nothing could top MSU's Alien theme, but the Songwriting show is so good. I love it. Having Swingers attend our invitational was an absolute dream come true, and I hope you really consider coming back. Good luck and job from a big Homestead fan!

EthanL on Apr 4, 2018
Post #2
I second all notions mentioned in this comment! Jeremy Alfera is my king; When I saw that he arranged our ballad this year I was ecstatic.


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