A Summer To-Do List for Adults: The First-Ever Show Choir Teachers Workshop

The creative team of show choir professionals behind the inaugural Show Choir Teachers Workshop.

By Brendan Jennings
Published: May 29, 2014

Burroughs' creative director Jen Oundjian working directly with a group of students.
BURBANK, California — Show choir season is over and while weíre all probably enjoying (or surviving?) the end of our school year, the 2014-2015 season is already on the horizon. Competition dates are being released, audition lists are going up and directors across the country are planning next yearís productions. It is in this quiet time that the magic really begins. Songs are chosen, arrangements are commissioned and directors hopefully have time to reflect on the strategies that worked and didnít work over the past twelve months.

In Burbank, California, a new tradition is about to begin. The creative team from John Burroughs High School is opening its doors to directors and staff from around the country, hosting the first-ever Show Choir Teachers Workshop in conjunction with Woodbury University and CSU Los Angeles. The three day intensive from June 27-29 will feature creativity and design sessions with artistic guru Jen Oundjian, program building strategies, guest performances (including Powerhouse with their 2014 competition set) and a chance for directors to network and share ideas.

"All students want to succeed and are better when challenged," says Christine DeMore, workshop co-director and director at Jordan Middle School (a Burroughs feeder). "Itís about taking them one step at a time down that path and making it fun!" Participants can expect a healthy dose of that fun along with a trove of invaluable information during the weekend course. Sessions will share ideas that have worked and are currently working in the classroom and on the stage. Topics like dealing with money, recruiting and keeping boys, motivating students, creating a strong and refined vocal sound, and how to harness the power of your parents will help new and veteran teachers alike. With the philosophy of bringing success to as many students as possible, Chris and the Burroughs team seek to continue the growth of show choir and the community that supports it.

Ask yourself what you can do to unlock the potential of your show choir in the upcoming year. As a student, perhaps you could work on your skills with a few extra dance classes or vocal lessons. As a parent you might find new ways to help your program raise money. As teachers we are always finding new and creative ways to challenge our students. Although we might have to wait another six to nine months before we see the fruits of these labors, it is undoubtedly right now that the next Grand Champion show choir is beginning to come to life.

To take part in the fun this summer and gain knowledge to help take your group to the next level, go to and register today!

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