2013 Show Choir Season Starts With a Bang!

Members of Holmen's "Midwest Express" celebrate their grand championship win at Colby this weekend.

By Häakon
Published: Jan 05, 2013

CALABASAS, California — It's the time of year we've looked forward for the better part of eight months now - the start of show choir season! Despite being the first weekend in January, we saw no less than four different competitions take place across the country, from Wisconsin to Iowa to Missouri! There was relatively little drama across the board; a good sign that we can only hope will continue throughout 2013. Our usual roundup includes the list of top winners, with more information to follow as it comes in.

Among the country's winners for the weekend of January 5th were:

Holmen High School "Midwest Express" - Grand Champions, Colby Show Choir Spectacular (WI)
Iowa City High School "4th Ave Jazz Company" - Grand Champions, Prairie Premiere (IA)
Westside High School "Amazing Technicolor Show Choir" - Grand Champions, Viterbo 101 (WI)

Things really start to heat up next weekend as competitions take place at Linn-Mar, Waukee, Crete-Monee, and Onalaska (just to name a few!). Stay tuned to for all the latest updates!


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